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New AFG2000 App coming to an iPad near you

It’s an understatement to say the Apple iPad has been a hit. In fact, it’s a worldwide phenomenon, with more than 100 million sold in less than three years after its introduction. There’s a good chance that you or one of colleagues has an iPad, or that you are even reading this blog on an iPad. If that’s the case, head on over to iTunes and download our new AFG2000 Intro app.

As you’ll learn, the AFG2000 is an affordable, yet versatile signal generator with 14-bit vertical resolution. With 1 uHz to 20 MHz frequency range, it’s suitable for R&D, education and ATE applications among others. While you can learn about the AFG2000 from, the iPad app delivers a much more immersive experience.


New AFG2000 Intro app available now on iTunes for iPad.

Using the app, you can walk through product details and specifications, access interactive descriptions of front and rear panel ports and controls, and tap into application examples and typical signal generator applications. From there, you can review hands-on labs that cover most common functions such as modulation signal analysis and frequency response test. The app also helps you order AFG2000 units for your lab with information on modules, accessories and available options.

We’re excited about this new app and hope that it is first of many. We welcome your input and feedback and what you’d like to see from Tektronix on your tablet in the future.