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Introducing the TSG4100A RF Vector Signal Generator – the Disruption in the RF Test Market by Tektronix Continues


When I first held Tektronix’s revolutionary RSA306 USB spectrum analyzer in the palm of my hand (yes, palm), I was excited about the impact it was going to have in the RF test market. Given our RF product team’s disruptive product innovation, I was eager to know what else was in the works. All I could get from our product managers was: “Wait, watch, and get excited!”

It’s been a few months since the hugely successful release of the RSA306, and the team has kept its promise. Allow me to introduce the next great thing in RF test: the TSG4100A RF Vector Signal Generator. With frequency coverage up to 6 GHz, this is the industry’s first software upgradable vector signal generator in its class.

The TSG4100A base model is equipped with standard analog modulation schemes, and upgrading to a basic digital modulation package (ASK, FSK, QPSK etc.) is as simple as requesting a software key. If you want to take it a step further with cellular modulation schemes (GSM, W-CDMA) or land mobile radio applications (APCO-25), those are easily upgradable too.

The TSG4100A is suitable for education and research labs, general purpose R&D, and high volume production test applications. Its remarkable phase noise and amplitude accuracy make for an effective solution for basic spectral measurements such as linearity and ACPR and the more advanced receiver sensitivity and selectivity. Not to mention, it has a great starting price of $7,800, meaning it delivers mid-range performance at an affordable price point. Check out the TSG4100A product page for a datasheet and more details on the great value offered by this product. 


Rx sensitivity analysis using the TSG4100A with RSA306 and SignalVu-PC

But wait, there’s more…Tektronix now has a complete and affordable bench RF solution that includes the RSA306 and SignalVu-PC or the spectrum analyzer in the MDO3000/MDO4000 mixed-domain oscilloscopes. Welcome to the best value in RF testing available today.