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Helping to Make a Difference Locally

Recently we had the honor of attending the annual meeting of the Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross. Tektronix has been a long term supporter of this organization, and during the evening they invited us to receive the following awards.


Full Circle Member Award - The Full Circle Member Award is given to corporations that participate with the Red Cross by sponsoring blood drives, providing Red Cross training to associates, and supporting the Red Cross with an annual gift. They have only 17 Full Circle Partners in the Portland area, so we are very proud to be considered this level of partner with the Red Cross.


Corporate Philanthropist of the Year Award - We were also chosen as the Corporate Philanthropist of the Year because of our support in 2012 of the Red Cross’s ongoing programs and services.  Many corporations generously support the Red Cross when a significant disaster occurs.   They respond to emergencies and local disasters every day.  Tektronix’s on-going support is critical to helping the everyday response needs, which average 11 disasters per week.  Many times the disaster involves responding to situations where families have lost everything.  Red Cross volunteers and staff respond within an hour, providing a place to stay, food and dry clothing.  And most importantly, they work with each family to make sure that they are connected to organizations that can help them get back on their feet. The Red Cross never charges for any of their services, so our support to them is critical.  


(Left) Jason Redding, Chair, Red Cross Oregon Trail Chapter Board of Directors presents the Corporate Philanthropist of the Year Award to Curt Bludworth, VP HR at Tektronix (Right).

This honor is really a tribute to each of our Tektronix associates that help us support the Red Cross in their mission. After the awards ceremony, Cindy Silveira, the Chief Development Officer for the Oregon Region sent the following note: “We at Red Cross are so grateful when a company like Tektronix supports our work so generously and only asks that we fulfill our mission to alleviate human suffering.  This is why we as a group felt so moved to award Tektronix with the Corporate Philanthropist of the Year award.”