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Big News! Tektronix Enters Power Analyzer Market AND Unveils Next-Gen High Performance AWG Series

Tektronix has been busy with two BIG announcements at two BIG shows! Read on to find out what we’ve been up to!


At the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), Tektronix announced its entrance into the power analyzer market with a full line of instruments to roll out in the coming months. This move enables Tektronix to address its customers’ need for end-to-end power test and measurement solutions, and offer a broader set of tools that help engineers debug and optimize power-electronics designs.


For design engineers working to develop more energy efficient devices or to develop new forms of electricity generation, such as solar photovoltaic and wind energy, power analyzers compliment other power test and measurement instrumentation, such as Tektronix oscilloscopes, power probes and power supplies.


To facilitate this move, Tektronix implemented a technology transfer agreement with partner, Voltech. The agreement includes power analyzer intellectual property, patents and product designs. Throughout 2013, Tektronix and Voltech will work closely to ensure a smooth transition for existing power analyzer customers. In addition, Voltech will act in a consultant capacity over the next three years to ensure Tektronix success in the power analyzer market. As of September 30, 2013, Voltech will officially exit the power analyzer segment of its business and focus on innovation in its transformer tester market, as well as continue to offer service, repair and application support for Voltech branded products.


At OFC/NFOEC, the world’s leading event for advanced optical solutions, Tektronix unveiled its next generation high performance arbitrary waveform generators (AWG) series. With a unique combination of 50 GS/s sample rate performance, 16 GS of waveform memory, and 10 bit vertical resolution, the new AWG70000 Series supports a wide range of demanding signal generation requirements in defense electronics, high-speed serial, optical networking and advanced research applications.




To address increasingly complex data rates and signals in the electronics and RF segments, engineers and researchers need more advanced signal generators to fully stress test design and perform cutting edge research. The new AWG70000 Series’ blend of high sample rate, long waveform memory and deep dynamic range produces fast, clean signals that can be routed through a receiver or other device under test for long periods of time for truly comprehensive testing.


Exciting, exciting times! For more information on any and all Tektronix news visit our News Room. And stay tuned for more Bandwith Banter blog posts coming your way each and every week!