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Dylan Stinson's blog


Wideband Oscilloscopes for MIMO radar testing being used by and engineer.
MIMO Radar System Testing Tools and Techniques Thursday, January 11, 2024
Modern technologies such as MIMO require the need for wide bandwidth, phase coherent, multi-channel analysis. Antenna elements in a MIMO radar system operate independently to cover a wide, often 180-degree, field of view without the need for directivity adjustments. This significantly improves scan times. The MIMO radar employs time, frequency, or coding techniques in each transmit signal to …
AESA Radar Antenna
Pulse Radar Signal Analysis Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Radar applications today, whether found in defense or in aerospace, increasingly require analysis across multiple channels. For AESA antenna, transmitter and receiver module calibration both synchronization and wide bandwidth capture is important and being able to synchronize multiple channels for efficient calibration can be challenging. Radar DSP and system integrator engineers working in FPGA …