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6 Series MSO Wows Attendees at EMC+SIPI

By Wilson Lee

I just had the pleasure of spending last week at the EMC+SIPI conference in Long Beach, Calif. talking to customers about the new 6 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope and their measurement challenges. Based on what I saw during the conference, we can safely say that the verdict is in – the 6 Series MSO brings high end scope performance to the mass market.

Throughout the event we demonstrated the 6 Series MSO running a range of high-speed test applications including PCIe and USB2.0. These applications were perfect for showing off its 25 GS/s sampling rate across each of its 4 channel and across its entire 8 GHz bandwidth.

This combination of high-speed and high bandwidth is critical, especially when high bandwidth acquisitions are needed across all channels. We received very favorable feedback about the scope’s very high sample rate across its entire bandwidth. Conference attendees were especially impressed that there’s no interleaving (halving of channels) in order to get the 25 GS/s sampling rate. Speed, as in being first to insight and ultimately first to market – is a weapon that every systems designer wants in his or her toolbox.


Additionally, customers looking to optimize power integrity measurements were very impressed with how quiet the 6 Series MSO is – quite as in being sub-104 µV (of RMS noise) at 4 GHz frequency as an example. The booth team heard comments like “so cool” many times from customers who had to look twice at the noise measurement because they had never previously seen such a low-level noise floor.


Based on what I heard at this conference, I’m more convinced than ever that the latest addition to our MSO family is game changing. Not only is the 6 Series MSO the ideal scope for today but it also has the performance to meet future needs as well. To get in on the action, please go to: