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MDO3000 Series vs. Keysight X3000T Series Oscilloscopes

MDO3000 - At Its Core, A Best-in-Class Scope
✔ New! FastAcq high speed waveform acquisition >280,000 wfm/s
✔ New! Color-graded and Inverted waveform palettes
MDO3000 Discover
Industry best standard voltage probes
10 Mpoints record
Complete set of triggers
Act-on-event (Save on Trigger)
MDO3000 Capture
✔ Industry's most comprehensive search and waveform navigation with innovative Wave Inspector ® controls
MDO3000 Search
Industry best standard voltage probes
10 Mpoints record
Complete set of triggers
Act-on-event (Save on Trigger)
MDO3000 Analyze
Industry’s ONLY built-in Spectrum Analyzer
Tektronix MDO3000
✔ Spectrum analyzer amplitude is flat from 9 kHz up to scope bandwidth, standard. Upgradable to 3 GHz.
✔ Dedicated RF hardware
✔ Dedicated front panel controls make spectral analysis easy
✔ RF measurements include Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio, and Occupied BW
✔ Spectrogram display shows frequency and amplitude changes
MDO3000 is not time and frequency correlated.
MDO3000 built-in spectrum analyzer
Keysight X3000T
FFT amplitude rolls off to -3dB at the scope’s rated bandwidth
Software based FFT
Multiplexed front panel and menu controls for FFT
Measurements limited to XY cursors and peak markers
Spectrogram Display not available.
✔ Gated FFT correlates the time and frequency domain
Industry’s Best Built-in Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Tektronix MDO3000
✔ Up to 50 MHz function generation
✔ Arbitrary waveform generation with 128k waveform memory (8X more for more applications) and 250 MS/s output rate.
✔ 13 predefined functions
Keysight X3000T
Up to 25 MHz function generation
Arbitrary waveform generation with 8k waveform memory and 100 MS/s output rate
✔ 11 predefined functions
Industry’s Best Standard Voltage Probes
Tektronix MDO3000
✔ Included 3.9 pF passive probes minimize effect of the probe on circuit operation
✔ 1 GHz models include 1 GHz probes
✔ 1 year warranty on probes
Keysight X3000T
11-12 pF passive probes included
1 GHz models include 500 MHz probes
Only 90-day warranty on probes
A Powerful Logic Analyzer
Tektronix MDO3000
✔ Maximum record length 10 Mpoints, even with analog channels on
✔ Minimum detectable pulse 2ns
✔ Channel-to-channel skew 500 ps typical
✔ MagniVu high speed sampling offers timing resolution of 121 ps
Keysight X3000T
Maximum record length 4 Mpoints with no analog channels on, 500 kpoints with analog channels on
Minimum detectable pulse 5ns
Channel-to-channel skew 2 ns typical
Digital channel timing resolution of 500 ps
Warranted Specifications for Confident Results
Tektronix MDO3000
✔ Only 7 scope specifications in MDO3000 datasheet are typical
All specifications are guaranteed unless noted as "typical."
✔ Characteristics described in terms of specified performance with guaranteed tolerance limits
Keysight X3000T
Only 6 scope specifications in X3000T datasheet are warranted
All specifications are typical unless noted otherwise
The typical values given are never warranted
Deep and Optimized Record Length
Tektronix MDO3000
Deep and Optimized Record Length MDO3000

Deep record length offers more waveform details without under sampling

✔ 10 Mpoints record length on all channels, standard
Keysight X3000T
Deep and Optimized Record Length X3000T

Waveform details lost due to smaller record length and undersampling*

4 Mpoints record length, reduced to 2 Mpoints when channels are interleaved

Lower Cost of Ownership

When comparing oscilloscopes, don’t forget to look at the “hidden” costs to get the configuration you need (in US $)

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