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I would like to synchronize two or more AFG’s in order to get multiple channels of output.

Question :

I would like to synchronize two or more AFG’s in order to get multiple channels of output.

Answer :

This is the best method to minimize the delay between the instruments, and eliminate drift with respect to each other.

Physical setup:

The AFG’s will be controlled by a single separate trigger source, with cables that are of equal length to minimize delay between the units.

TheAFG3101, AFG3102, AFG3251, andAFG3252 have Reference Out, so that can be used to connect to the Reference In on the other AFG, as shown in Figure 1. If you do not have an AFG with Reference Out, both can be clocked from an external 10MHz source that meets the specifications in the user’s manual. This setup is shown in Figure 2.


Figure 1: Connection with Ref Out available


Figure 2: Connection without Ref Out available

Internal setup:

·  In the utility menu of all of the AFG’s, you will set up the Trigger out to “Trigger”.

·  With a unit with Ref Out, the Clock Ref on the primaryAFGwill be set to “Internal” and the secondary AFG(s) Clock Ref will be set to “External”. For units without the Reference Out, you will set the Clock Ref on both AFGs to “External”.

·  Set all channels for Burst mode, with Infinite cycles. This means that once all of the AFG’s are triggered, they will continue to output the signals indefinitely. In the Burst menu, change the trigger source (The menu item is just called “Source”) for all channels to “External”.

In this setup, the trigger source will emit one trigger pulse, which will trigger all of the AFG’s at the same time. They will continue to output the signal forever, and because they are using the same clock, they will not drift with respect to each other.

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Product Series: Máy tạo chức năng/tùy ý AFG3000C


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