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Video Backhaul

This how-to guide describes how to use the video backhauling functionality of the MTM400A (and its family of IPM/QAM/RFM monitors) to redirect a copy of any MPEG program across the network and back to an operator.

  • With a network link of just a few feet, or several thousand miles, the MTM400A delivers a copy of the remote program to an operator for review. using:
    • VLC
    • Elecard
    • Elecard HD AVC
    • VQS1000 or any network-capable set top box
  • The programs native compression is preserved.
  •  The MTM400A redirects the selected PIDs without altering them in any way
    • The MTM400A automatically converts an MPTS PAT into an SPTS PAT when using the Graphical User Interface.
  • The resulting video and audio seen by the local operator would be the same as that seen at the distant location.