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Sentry Assure Video Quality Monitors

Sentry Assure Datasheet

Sentry Assure Datasheet

Sentry Assure offers Sentry Verify functionality with Digital Program Insertion (DPI) monitoring and Audio Loudness Monitoring (ALM) options included and serves as a last line of defense before modulation and encryption.

Key features
  • Digital Program Insertion (DPI) validation
  • CALM compliance monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Detection of MPEG and IP issues
  • Historical reporting and graphing
  • Live thumbnails and Thumbnail Wall
  • Error seconds and program availability reporting
  • Stream to View
  • Program group bandwidth graphing
  • Triggered alert stream capture
  • Real-time detection and alerting
  • Post-splice monitoring
  • QoS monitoring
  • Audio loudness monitoring
  • Digital Program Insertion (DPI) monitoring
  • EBIF monitoring
  • Program statistics and availability reporting

Video quality monitoring with Sentry Assure

Sentry Assure is cost effective and future proofed for large-scale post-splice monitoring deployments. It has been optimized to help cable television operators and other providers of multichannel video services comply with the Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, which requires that ads be no louder than the programs they accompany.

Sentry Assure is designed specifically for identifying loud commercials in the multichannel environment. It combines the ability to simultaneously monitor hundreds of channels in real-time with loudness detection capabilities and post-splice ad insertion monitoring, which makes Sentry Assure an ideal solution for cable operators’ CALM Act needs. Additionally, Sentry Assure’s reporting tools enable operators to diagnose and repair issues related to local ad insertion, which mitigates revenue loss from ads failing to air properly.

Sentry Assure also helps operators comply with government regulations for closed captioning with its support for the SCTE-608, SCTE-708, and SCTE-20 specifications. Sentry Assure monitors CGMS data, closed caption data, teletext, subtitles, scrambled data, and discontinuities.

Software options

Carousels tru2way™ / OCAP/MHP / DSM-CC

The OCAP Monitor is a tool for monitoring tru2way™/OCAP carousels. Digital set-top boxes receive continuous delivery of applications and data from the headend or uplink center. These data and applications are critical for normal set-top box function and service delivery.

With the advent of tru2way™ (OCAP) and other carousels, multichannel service providers are introducing a vast array of complex, interactive services to their subscriber base. Monitoring the carousel activity is essential to ensuring the quality and consistency of experience for subscribers.

Sentry Assure supplies detailed reports of carousel performance and activity based on their real-time behavior and data output. Service providers are able to identify the root cause of errors and make necessary changes to eliminate issues and guarantee rapid application deployment. The reports show detailed source and file structures and carousel changes in real time while observing streaming metrics such as cycle time, bandwidth utilization, and stream packet continuity. Real-time alerting notifies users of critical situations, enabling them to resolve issues such as outages, cycle-time fluctuations, and unauthorized changes.


Monitoring tru2way™/OCAP Carousels


EBIF monitoring

Interactive applications and associated advertising allow you to deliver enhanced capabilities to your subscribers and monetize advanced digital services in a broad range of digital set-top boxes. eTV content consisting of the applications and metadata is, however, prone to errors during transport, rate-shaping, and muxing. Old video-over-IP metrics such as MDI and Continuity Counter (CC) errors are incapable of detecting any content errors, especially with eTV.


Monitoring EBIF/eTV


The EBIF/eTV monitoring solution breaks down and reports on eTV application data and critical signaling information, so service providers can be assured they are delivering the best possible quality of experience for their subscribers. In addition, a 60-day application-level historical report (available by service and by location) provides critical trending information about eTV delivery. Tailored alerting and dashboards provide proactive eTV monitoring and fast troubleshooting.

SA-BFS monitoring

Sentry is designed to identify and monitor data carousels within the transport, which enables it to keep detailed information about the real-time and historical status of the Scientific-Atlanta Broadcast Files System (BFS). Similar to the way other application carousels (tru2way, DSM-CC, etc) are monitored, Sentry is able to provide critical information about the status of BFS carousels. Multichannel service providers can set alerts to be notified of bit rate errors, file changes, file cycle times, and if files are missing.


Monitoring Scientific-Atlanta Broadcast Files System



Browser support
Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer
MPEG/IP input port
1000BASE-T Ethernet interface
Management port
1000BASE-T Ethernet interface
Supported protocols

HD/SD programs, SPTS or MPTS, multicast (IGMP v3) and unicast MPEG-PSI, DVB-SI, ATSC-PSIP table support, SNMP trap and MIB support

MPEG-2, H.264, H.265 (HEVC), VC-1 

Dolby AC-3 (5.1 Surround)

MPEG-1 Layer II (Mono, Stereo)

AAC, HE-AAC, and HE-AAC v2

tru2way™, BFS MHP / DSM-CC
Program insertion
SCTE-35 (local ads)
Physical characteristics
50.8 mm (2 in.)
432 mm (17 in.)
381 mm (15 in.)
Weight (net)
9.2 kg (20.2 lb.)
Power supply
100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Environmental characteristics
Max storage temperature
70 °C
Max operating temperature
35 °C
Max humidity