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Tektronix probe innovations detailed in Electronic Design’s Test.Pass


Tektronix recently introduced the P7700 Series of probes and demonstrated the IsoVu galvanically isolated measurement probe at APEC 2016 last month. Both of these developments were the topic of the March 25, 2016 Test.Pass column authored by Patrick Mannion that appears regularly in Electronic Design.

A knowledgeable and experienced writer and editor, Mannion provides a detailed, under-the-cover look at why both of these probes will be helpful to engineers. He writes that oscilloscope users will be able to, “push past current limits in signal and power analysis—they needed to get visibility into high-speed, low-voltage, low-power signals in hard-to-access locations, in applications ranging from automotive to handsets.”

The rules for gaining access to signals and acquiring small signals in the presence of large common mode voltages are changing – and Tektronix is leading the charge. Be sure to read Mannion’s column today for the inside scoop.