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Silicon Forest’s ‘Original’ Tree Keeps Reaching Higher


February 2016 offered an opportunity for the Tektronix community – customers, employees and partners – to both look forward and to look back at where we’ve been. 

The forward-looking part was the introduction of a new logo and brand direction unveiled on Feb. 1. The retrospective came as we celebrated our 70th anniversary as a company. The response from all of you and the media who write about Tektronix has been gratifying to see.

Leading the way was a report in the Beaverton Valley Times authored by senior reporter Eric Apalategui, who took the time to visit the Tektronix campus in Beaverton, research the company’s history and interview several employees, including President Pat Byrne. He calls Tektronix the “original tree” in the Silicon Forest that has sprung up in the Portland area over the past few decades. For a snapshot into the technology industry post WW II and Tektronix’ role over the years, you’ll want to give this one a read.

Meanwhile, over at Electronic Design, respected technology editor Patrick Mannion takes a look at Tektronix’ shift in focus toward applications, and solving difficult measurement challenges in his Test Pass blog. He concludes his post, which includes a Q&A interview with Byrne, by commenting:

“So, there you have it. I like the new look. I also think Tektronix is dead on in what it’s aiming to do and I’m really looking forward to seeing what technologies and tools come out of this “shift left.” They’re badly needed, and Tektronix isn’t the only company seeing this need.”

As Mannion notes in his piece, it’s no easy task coming up with a new logo and keeping pace with a fast moving industry. We’re excited to see the upbeat response so far and look forward to seeing what the next 70 years have in store. It would great to hear from all of you as well.