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NEWS BLOG: New Plug-in Cards Extend Keithley Automated Test Solution’s Capabilities for Hall Effect and Sensitive Measurements


Automated testing solutions such as the Keithley Series 3700A address the challenge of how to cost-effectively test large numbers of electronic products and components. The Series 3700A is based on a six-slot switch mainframe that works in conjunction with an extensive family of plug-in switch and control cards. It is one of the most advanced and easy to set up and use automated testing solutions in the industry today. With up to 576 two-wire or 720 one-wire multiplexer channels in one mainframe, the Series 3700A is up to almost any test challenge – as long as there’s a plug-in card available for your intended application.

Fortunately, the range of applications supported by Series 3700A continues to grow with today’s release of four new plug-in cards. The new cards add support for low current leakage testing applications, high-current testing, high voltage testing and simplify Hall and van der Pauw measurements. The new plug-in cards are also complemented by the release of the Keithley Hall Effect Test Suite that simplifies the process of setting up a Hall Effect test system.

Essentially, we’ve added important new capabilities while making the system easier to use – all part of our commitment to giving customers comprehensive solutions to difficult problems. A true solution is one that offers up industry leading performance and value while reducing the pain around setting up and learning to use and operate said solution.

The new cards include the following:



The 3760 is a 10-channel high current card. The switching is designed to maintain current paths for signals not connected to the output. The card adds switching capability of up to 5A or 300V.




The 3761 is a 10-channel low current card. The offset current is specified at less than 1pA, with typical performance at <30fA. This card adds very low current switching capability to the 3706A and maintains the current path when the output is off. 




The 3762 is a 10-channel high voltage card. It adds support for switching up to 1000V and 10W.  Two-pole relays switch both circuit high and low for full floating measurements.





The 3765 adds Hall Effect to the 3706A Series and simplifies Hall and van der Pauw measurements. Four electrometer grade input amplifiers make the 3765 an ideal switch for measuring large resistivities upwards of 100TΩ.  The new supporting software integrates the 3765 card with other Keithley hardware, such as the 3706A DMM, 6221 current source, 2182A nanovoltmeter, 6485 picoammeter, and others.


The four specialty plug-in switch cards can be used with any of the mainframes in the Series 3700A family. The 3706A mainframe includes a high-performance multimeter with up to 7½-digit measurements and 26-bit resolution while the 3706A-S is for applications that don’t require the DMM. The new cards are available for order now.