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Give a Shout Out -- Tektronix Receives Two “EDN China 2013 Innovation” Awards


Today we announced that our AWG70000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Series and our PA4000 Power Analyzer won EDN China’s 2013 Innovation Award in the “Communication Test” and “General Test” categories of Test and Measurement.

The 2013 Innovation awards are held by EDN China, which invites 50,0000 readers and website subscribers to vote. The AWG70000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Series and PA4000 Power Analyzer stood out from the 144 nominated products after several rounds of intense evaluation.

It is an honor to be recognized by EDN China editors, experts and engineers in two product categories. Both the AWG70000 Series and the PA4000 use our advanced technology and design innovations to bring an unprecedented measurement experience to our customers. These awards are a testament to our ongoing dedication to deliver industry leading products to our customers.

 Next Generation High Performance AWG Series

The ability to create, generate, or replicate either ideal, distorted, or “real-life” signals is essential in design, testing and operations of some of the world’s most complex data communications systems.  The AWG70000 meets this need with an industry-leading combination of 50 GS/s sample rate performance, 16 GS of waveform memory and 10 bit vertical resolution. This means it produces fast, clean signals that can be routed through a receiver or other device under test for long periods of time for truly comprehensive testing.  By offering easy generation of very complex signals with complete control over signal characteristics, the AWG70000 Series offers an industry best solution for measurement challenges in the following applications – high-speed serial data, optical, and advanced research applications.

Precision Multi-Phase Power Analyzer

Featuring patent-pending Spiral Shunt™ technology, the Tektronix PA4000 Power Analyzer delivers consistently accurate measurements, even with challenging power waveforms. The Tektronix PA4000 Power Analyzers enable engineers to fully characterize their power-electronics design from input to output. A particularly difficult challenge due to the rise of new higher-performance technologies is obtaining consistently high measurement accuracy. The PA4000 uses two Spiral Shunts on each channel – one for current measurements up to 1 A, for precise low-current measurements, and one for current measurements up to 30A, for higher-current measurements.  This state-of-the-art shunt design is then combined with unique high-speed digital signal processing algorithms, allowing the PA4000 to track power cycles accurately, even in the presence of transients and noise.  Add in wide current and voltage input ranges, built-in test modes and standard PC interfaces, and it provides a power analyzer that’s as versatile as it is accurate.

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