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Personal Lab Scopes Performance Characteristics Summary

FeatureTDS 400A SeriesTDS 510A
ChannelsTDS 420A: 4
TDS 430A: 2
TDS 460A: 4
Repetitive BandwidthTDS 420A: 200 MHz
TDS 430A: 400 MHz
TDS 460A: 400 MHz
500 MHz
Sample Rate100 MS/sec maximum500 MS/sec maximum
Record Length 120,000 points 50,000 points
Vertical Resolution8 bits; >11 bits with averaging and Hi-Res mode8 bits; >11 bits with averaging and Hi-Res mode
Vertical Sensitivity1 mV to 10 V per division1 mV to 10 V per division
Horizontal Sweep Speed1 ns to 20 s per division500 ps to 10 s per division
Trigger Types Edge, Init 50%, video, external Edge, Pulse (Width, Glitch,. Runt), Logic (Pattern, State), Time Qualified. HDTV optional.
Acquisition ModesRepetitive, Single Shot, Peak DetectRepetitive, Single Shot, Peak Detect
Passive Probes
(Standard Equipment)
P6138A passive probes; 400 MHz bandwidth at the probe tip when used with TDS 430A or TDS 460A P6139A passive probes; 500 MHz bandwidth at the probe tip
Differential Probe (Optional)ADA400A/P5205ADA400A/P5205
Current Probe (Optional) TCP202 TCP202; direct readout of current, with units and calibration
1.44 Mbyte DOS Compatible Floppy Disk DriveStandardOptional
Safety CertificationUL, CSA, IEC 348, IEC 1010UL, CSA, IEC 348, IEC 1010
Dimensions and Weight36.2 cm W, 16.5 cm H, 49.1 cm D, 9.1 kg36.2 cm W, 16.5 cm H, 49.1 cm D, 9.1 kg
Warranty3 years3 years