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Jitter Fact Sheet

Jitter degrades system performance and eludes troubleshooting efforts just when you can't afford the time to track it down. Dealing with jitter is now a mandatory part of any high-speed design and many serial data standards require extensive jitter compliance tests as well. Whether you need a quick clock jitter measurement or a thorough analysis of a BER performance problem, Tektronix' comprehensive test instrumentation portfolio enables you to meet your design goals and compliance requirements.

Jitter Measurement and Timing Analysis Challenges:


Debug & Design Verification

DPO/DSA/MSO Series Oscilloscopes, BERTScope Bit Error Rate Testers, Probes, and Jitter Application Software

  • Highly accurate oscilloscopes with full sample rate across all four channels for the greatest flexibility
  • DPOJET analysis software decomposes jitter and isolates random jitter components from deterministic jitter (periodic, clock and data-dependent)
  • Quickly find intermittent events with DPX® acquisition technology that displays up to 300,000 wfms/s
  • Industry's only analysis tool to include spectral averaging and peak detection to find low probability and low level jitter
  • BERTScope Bit Error Rate Tester for deep eye pattern mask analysis and PRBS31 caliber testing

Compliance Testing

DPO/DSA/MSO Series Oscilloscopes, Probes, and Jitter Application Software

  • Compliance test software to cover the latest serial data standards
  • Industry's most accurate and most accepted real-time TJ@BER results
  • Oscilloscopes and measurement software for complete physical layer compliance testing
  • Industry's only solution that performs differential clock to data "dual port" capture and measurements (no probes required)
  • Capture of required Unit Intervals with a single acquisition
  • Industry's only real-time OneTouch Jitter Wizard and Jitter Guide for built-in expertise

Signal Path Characterization

DSA Series Sampling Oscilloscopes, Probes, and Advanced Application Software

  • Reduce measurement errors resulting from test fixture signal degradation with IConnect® software’s integrated TDR and S-Parameter measurements
  • Accurately analyze signal paths to predict crosstalk and jitter to ensure reliability with Serial Data Network Analysis (SDNA)
  • Determine precise causes of eye closure with jitter, noise, and BER analysis, plus maximize the eye opening at the receiver by quickly evaluating various FFE/DFE equalization setups using Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA)