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Tektronix Leads the Way in EDN Hot 100 Products of 2016 in Test & Measurement Category


BEAVERTON, Ore., Feb. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions, today announced that four products introduced last year have been selected to the EDN Hot 100 Products of 2016 in the Test and Measurement category. Tektronix solutions included on this important list were the AWG4162 Arbitrary Waveform Generator, P7700 TriMode Probes, RSA500 and RSA600 USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers, and TBS2000 Oscilloscope. This is by far the best showing of any supplier in the Test and Measurement category.

EDN's Hot 100 Products celebrate the electronics industry's most significant new introductions of the year based on innovation, usefulness, and popularity. Readers and editors of EDN—an electronics community for engineers, by engineers—select the Hot 100 list of products across nine categories. Winners were recognized in the article, "EDN Hot 100 Products of 2016."


"Whether it's next generation smartphones, electric vehicles, faster data center networks, or Internet of Things devices, the need for comprehensive test and measurement solutions that keep pace with the latest challenges has never been greater," said Edward Smithwick, vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Tektronix. "A key part of our mission as a company is to deliver innovative solutions that keep our customers one step ahead. The fact that four of our new solutions landed on the EDN Hot 100 is a clear indication that we are heading in the right direction across the board."

The Tektronix products recognized by EDN all share the common thread of delivering innovation that addresses the real-world test and measurement challenges engineers are facing today. For instance, the P7700 probes incorporate a breakthrough mechanical design to give access to tight test locations while the RSA500 and RSA600 spectrum analyzers feature an unbeatable combination of affordable pricing and performance. Here's the complete rundown:

  • Tektronix' AWG4000 Series is the industry's first 3-in-1 arbitrary waveform generator. With basic, advanced and digital modes, the portable signal generator can be easily shared across design teams and can meet a wide variety of signal generation needs ranging from radar and wireless communications to embedded systems design and research applications. The AWG4000 Series is the first waveform generator with the flexibility to generate complex waveforms with many degrees of flexibility. For example, the signal could be as simple as a clock with constant frequency in an embedded design, or as complex as a mix of modulated waveforms in parallel with digital patterns in radar and communications designs.
  • The RSA500 and RSA600 series of USB-based spectrum analyzers offer frequency coverage from 9 kHz up to 7.5 GHz with 40 MHz acquisition bandwidth, a measurement dynamic range from -161 dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level, and up to +30 dBm maximum input. The new USB-based spectrum analyzers embrace the design approach of the very successful 6.2 GHz RSA306 USB-based real-time spectrum analyzer introduced last year, offering even higher instrument performance levels and analysis capabilities in two new compact, affordable packages. The new models take USB-based instruments to the next class of spectrum analyzer performance while adding the versatility of both a line-operated laboratory package and a rugged battery-operated package with a tablet PC option. Both the RSA500 and RSA600 also have an optional tracking generator with an integrated internal bridge for basic device, cable and antenna testing.
  • Offering up to 20 GHz bandwidth, the P7700 series of TriMode™ probes ease the challenges designers face when debugging circuits found in the latest mobile and enterprise designs by minimizing probe loading, improving access to smaller, more-densely packed test locations and lowering overall cost of ownership. Efficient test and debug of the latest standards from LPDDR4 to MIPI D-PHY and C-PHY requires probes that minimize signal loss to cope with the challenging combination of high-performance and low power. Unlike other probe designs that use long tip cables connected to a remote amplifier, the P7700 Series probes introduce a breakthrough new design where the probe's input amplifier is located <4mm from the connection point, minimizing signal loss, probe tip capacitance and noise. Further, the signal path of the P7700 probes is fully characterized and automatically de-embedded from measurement results.
  • The TBS2000 is a next generation basic oscilloscope featuring the longest record length and largest display in its class for faster signal evaluation and troubleshooting. This latest addition to the Tektronix portfolio puts expanded capabilities, including the ability to use a wide range of Tektronix probes, into the hands of budget-constrained design engineers and educators. The instrument features a large display for easy signal visualization and a comprehensive set of automatic waveform measurements that are coupled with graphical explanations to help engineers better understand their measurements. Design engineers use general-purpose oscilloscopes to prototype, debug and validate designs of new products and for general troubleshooting. In education, such oscilloscopes give students hands-on experience in electronics engineering and educators need to efficiently mentor and monitor large groups of students. The TBS2000 meets these requirements and more.

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