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Nous serions ravis de « parler technologie » avec vous toute la journée, mais nous sommes conscients que vous avez mieux à faire. Nous avons donc simplifié le téléchargement des manuels, fiches techniques et logiciels pour tous les produits actuellement commercialisés et de nombreux produits plus anciens. Dites-nous simplement quel produit vous utilisez et nous vous proposerons le matériel de référence qui s'y rapporte.

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    TekConnect to 50 Ohm TekVPI Adapter Instructions

    Utilisateur principal 071296400

    TekConnect to 50 Ohm TekVPI Adapter

    Utilisateur principal 071296401
  • Get a high level look at TekExpress DDR Automation Testing Solution for system level testing of DDR5/LPDDR5. We show how to enter device definition, electrical and timing parameters to measure …
    Durée: 5:39
    For performing jitter analysis, typically the oscilloscope should acquire wave forms at the maximum sample rate.  Learn about the ramifications of having the horizontal acquisition setup for …
    Durée: 04:10
    Autonomous driving and connected vehicle are driving higher speed in-vehicle networks. This webinar offers insights into the new measurement requirements for the latest automotive multigigabit …
    Durée: 55:37
    Learn about changes to the official USB4 compliance test fixtures available from Wilder Technologies and the impact those changes will have on how tests are physically configured and what …
    Durée: 4:04
    Flex Long Reach Solder Down (FLR) Probe Tips from Tektronix have an increased length to provide a longer reach to the target from the probe connection.  A primary use case for these FLR tips is …
    Durée: 3:20
    Watch this video learn about the new features in TekScope version 1.44, including RF analysis capabilities, added support for the MSO2000 and MSO2000B oscilloscopes, user interface improvements …
    Durée: 8m 8s
    Learn how to install a license, either fixed or floating, on DPO/MSO70000C, DPO/MSO70000DX and DPO70000SX oscilloscopes.     
    Durée: 2:38
    Customers across all industries and applications are using automation to extend the capabilities of their oscilloscopes.  Here we cover what you need to get started programming scopes in Python.  …
    Durée: 31:09
    View our USB4 Compliance and Characterization Test webinar to learn how you can address the measurement challenges associated with the new USB4 standard.
    Durée: 22m 14s
    Watch as experts from Anritsu, Synopsys, and Tektronix participate in a panel discussion on the evolution of SerDes validation. They also offer an overview of the new tools and measurement …
    Durée: 51m 23s
    Cloud-based computing power, storage capacity, and network bandwidth have led to the development of the PCI Express 5.0 specification for 32.0 GT/s. This webinar starts with an overview of 5.0 …
    Durée: 44:47
    As designs for mobile devices and computers use lower power circuits in their design, validation testing and debug become more challenging. Board and component density increase leaving little …
    Durée: 17m 6s
    MIPI alliance standards have been driving the adoption of newer features and higher data rates for emerging mobile applications.  Oscilloscope-based protocol layer validation enables isolating …
    Durée: 31:33
    This webinar will explain how to prepare for next generation DDR-based memory testing. Learn about the changes these new standards bring to electrical verification and how to prepare for proper …
    Durée: 15m 38s
    As design margins shrink, accurate and standard-specific measurement is key to debugging, verifying design and performing interoperability testing when designing PCIe devices. Having confidence in …
    Durée: 53m 34s
    While they promise to provide datacenters with large amounts of data at faster speeds and lower power consumption, DDR5 memory devices have unique test challenges.  Learn about characterization …
    Durée: 17:55
    The Tektronix P7700 TriMode Probe supports solder connections to a device under test. In this video, you will learn the Tektronix recommended procedure for attaching a solder tip to a device.
    Durée: 5m 59s
    Learn how to dramatically cut down test time on required compliance interop tests for USB3 using an automated test suite from Tektronix. 
    Durée: 4m 5s
    Watch this demonstration of a three-phase power system highlighting the ability of 5 or 6 Series B MSO oscilloscopes to precisely measure the performance of switching power converters and control …
    Durée: 3:24
    Watch a brief video showing how to install solder-in FLRB tips for P7700 probes.
    Durée: 58s
    Watch this video to learn about the new features in TekScope version 1.40, including continuous acquisition, license expiration notification, and IMDA-MECH and WBG-DPT in the pro automotive and …
    Durée: 7m 19s
    Join Pavel Zivny and David Bouse, Tektronix' Principal Technology Leads for Ethernet and PCI Express respectively, as they discuss developments in 112 Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express Gen6, PAM4 …
    Durée: 6:56
    TekScope PC software, combined with Tektronix oscilloscopes, makes it easy to log waveform data, waveform images and measurements on your PC.  Simply set the logging interval, count, and hit Start …
    Durée: 5m 29s
    Automotive Ethernet with PAM3 introduces new test challenges. Tektronix' new, innovative, non-intrusive Signal Separation simplifies Automotive Ethernet testing and set-up, providing advanced …
    Durée: 0h 8m 3s
    Learn about our USB4 receiver testing solution which offers comprehensive coverage for compliance requirements outlined by the USB Implementers Forum or USB-IF to give you confidence that your …
    Durée: 6m 24s
    DDR5 memory pushes the limits of high-speed signaling and tackles the bandwidth challenge imposed by the exponential growth of data generation. See the latest characterization and debug techniques …
    Durée: 2:46
    Watch as we demonstrate the  “User Defined Acquisition Mode” feature included as part of Tektronix's TekExpress DDR5 and LPDDR5 testing solution. With the User-Defined Acquisition Mode, or UDA, a …
    Durée: 04:46
    Get a view into next generation datacenter technology. After an overview, we dive into the signal analysis of coherent links.
    Durée: 24m 53s
    This Tektronix webinar will teach engineers how to use modeling tools to correlate simulations with high-speed physical layer measurements on Serial Bus Standards using the DPO/MSO70000 Series …
    Durée: 27m 39s
    In this video we look at a topic that is becoming increasingly important in the high-speed serial industry—how to perform embedded measurements at the IC or PCB level using probes.
    Durée: 4m 14s
    The NEW P7700 Series TriMode Probe provides the highest probe fidelity available for real-time oscilloscopes. Watch our 60-second video to see how this new probe can help minimize noise and easily …
    Durée: 55s
    Learn how to open closed eyes using equalization techniques and how to de-embed reflections and loss caused by the measurement setup using SDLA Visualizer for Tektronix Real-Time Oscilloscopes.
    Durée: 30m 56s
    The MSO/DPO70000 Series oscilloscope delivers exceptional signal acquisition performance and analysis capability. Discover your real signals and capture more signal details with the industry's …
    Durée: 5m 50s
    Watch the webinar, How to Solve Key LPDDR5 DRAM Test Challenges, for test tips and techniques to meet the design challenges posed by this mobile memory standard.
    Durée: 45:30
    A demonstration of TekExpress Automotive Ethernet, an automated application, for Automotive Multigigabit Ethernet (IEEE802.3ch) Compliance Testing.
    Durée: 6:56