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Nous serions ravis de « parler technologie » avec vous toute la journée, mais nous sommes conscients que vous avez mieux à faire. Nous avons donc simplifié le téléchargement des manuels, fiches techniques et logiciels pour tous les produits actuellement commercialisés et de nombreux produits plus anciens. Dites-nous simplement quel produit vous utilisez et nous vous proposerons le matériel de référence qui s'y rapporte.

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    TPP0051 Series

    50 MHz 10X Passive Probes Instructions

    Utilisateur principal 071324800
  • An oscilloscope is typically set up to measure voltage versus time. But you can configure the oscilloscope to measure current as well. This video shows two very simple methods of using the …
    Durée: 1m 32s
    Oscilloscopes are often used in educational settings, and our TBS1000C and TBS2000B oscilloscopes includes many features that come standard. Watch this video to learn about the many ways that the …
    Durée: 1m 51s
    Prepare future engineers for tomorrow's exciting challenges by giving them the latest skills and knowledge they need for life beyond the classroom, including hands-on experience with real-life …
    Durée: 1m 38s
    Watch this video for a short demonstration of the TBS1000 Series oscilloscope and how it can help you look for signals quickly and confidently.
    Durée: 3m 52s
    This video will give you a quick overview of the key features of the TBS1000 Series oscilloscope and how it can help you look for signals quickly and confidently.
    Durée: 4m 45s
    Watch this video to learn about the new features in TekScope version 1.40, including continuous acquisition, license expiration notification, and IMDA-MECH and WBG-DPT in the pro automotive and …
    Durée: 7m 19s
    TekScope PC software, combined with Tektronix oscilloscopes, makes it easy to log waveform data, waveform images and measurements on your PC.  Simply set the logging interval, count, and hit Start …
    Durée: 5m 29s
    Learn how using TekScope software together with entry-level  oscilloscopes enables far greater insight into the data captured and far more powerful analysis and sharing capabilities than might be …
    Durée: 21:00
    Being able to easily collect waveform data from your oscilloscope is essential when performing a variety of applications. Fortunately, there many options to export data from your TBS2000B and then …
    Durée: 1m 56s
    Enjoy a guided virtual walk-through of the Tek museum and hear from the museum director about how Tek alumni, fans and volunteers are passing along a lifelong love of engineering and technology …
    Durée: 13:23
    Found in labs and workshops across a diverse range of engineering professions, modern oscilloscopes are faster, more precise and more affordable than ever. Many people new to oscilloscopes can be …
    Durée: 46m 26s
    This video provides a detailed demonstration on using the Tektronix Courseware Resource Center to access lab experiments and related educational material.
    Durée: 6m 4s
    Technical Marketing Manager Wilson Lee discusses important criteria to use when choosing your next oscilloscope. In this webinar, you will learn about:• The “5 times rule” to avoid Bandwidth …
    Durée: 43m 11s
    The TBS1000 Series offers a built-in FFT that can help you see the frequency content in your signals.
    Durée: 4m 31s
    The TBS1000B-EDU helps instructors prepare tomorrow’s engineers for the future, with exclusive integrated Courseware capability and a web based Courseware Resource Center.In this short video we …
    Durée: 5m 31s
    This video will show you how easy it is to create and update lab experiments using the TBS1000B-EDU PC Courseware Editing Tool.
    Durée: 4m 4s
    See how the TBS10000B can be configured to log measurements over time.  Plot one or two measurements on the display and log the readings to a USB flash drive at the same time. Waveform …
    Durée: 3m 10s
    Oscilloscope limit testing automatically compares a measured waveform against a “known good” waveform to generate a pass/fail result.  Specifying the test tolerance is the key to success.  Learn …
    Durée: 3m 10s
    This video will show you how to review, run and document a lab experiment using the TBS1000B-EDU oscilloscope’s courseware feature.
    Durée: 3m 36s
    This video will show you how to use the built-in FFT function on the TBS1000B series oscilloscopes to analyze your waveforms.
    Durée: 5m 7s
    This video will show you how to make waveform measurements on TBS1000 Series oscilloscopes. 
    Durée: 4m 33s
    With the built-in courseware feature, the TBS1000C and TBS2000B oscilloscopes become a powerful educational tool enabling students to create labs on their computer and view them right on the …
    Durée: 1m 54s
    For new engineering students, gaining a quick understanding of fundamental concepts is an important step in the learning process. This updated video explains the fundamental principles of the Fast …
    Durée: 4m 3s
    For new engineering students, gaining a quick understanding of fundamental concepts is an important step in the learning process. This video uses plain language and clear visual examples to define …
    Durée: 4m 31s
    Watch this short video to learn how to use TekScope Software to decode serial data on a TBS000C Oscilloscope in just a few simple steps and then view the decode in a data stream or in a table …
    Durée: 1m 38s