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Oscilloscope Software Enables Remote and Work From Home Options

The trend of working from home is gaining more ascendancy each day in all industries. This is further being driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. Adopting a remote-based culture requires tools that are remote work-ready whether they are instruments like oscilloscopes or software platforms for collaborative work. Tektronix provides various future-ready tools for working with an oscilloscope remotely.

Tektronix oscilloscopes work from home offerings

Tektronix offers oscilloscope software tools that enable users to operate and utilize oscilloscopes remotely. Not only do they provide a way to access oscilloscopes from afar, but they greatly simplify collaboration between team members. This provides increased safety, availability, access, and efficiency, greatly reducing the time needed to deliver on projects. These tools include e*Scope, TekScope, and TekDrive, each of which offers additional functionality essential for those working from home.

Using Tektronix e*Scope for working from home

e*Scope is a browser-based system that enables the remote control of an oscilloscope over an internet connection. It is provided free on all Tektronix's 4, 5, and 6 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSOs). It provides the full capabilities of the oscilloscope from acquisition to analysis, full control over its operations and settings, and is (LXI) compliant. This makes e*Scope indispensable while working with oscilloscopes from home.

All that is required is an internet browser and the oscilloscope's IP address. To obtain the IP address, the oscilloscope's ethernet port is connected to the network. Connecting to the oscilloscope is easily accomplished by entering the oscilloscope's IP address in the browser. Clicking on the Instrument Control link on the left side launches e*Scope in another tab, where the oscilloscope's desktop is simulated. This enables the control and operation of the oscilloscope in the same way as the front panel provides.

Furthermore, Tektronix e*Scope enables members of a team to use the oscilloscope cooperatively. This is typically achieved by having a designated prober. The prober is responsible for ensuring there is a live signal, connecting to the device under test (DUT), and operating measurement devices like probes. Other members of the team can operate the scope, acquire waveforms, and carry out analysis remotely. This increases users' safety in the COVID-19 era, provides better oscilloscope access and availability, and enables more efficient collaboration with the team.

Leveraging TekScope PC Analysis Software for remote testing and measurements

TekScope PC Analysis Software is an award-winning tool from Tektronix that provides users with many features that make working with an oscilloscope and team members a seamless experience. The simulated oscilloscope user interface enables online and offline analysis of waveforms, either from remotely connected scopes or saved waveform data. It enables remote connection to the 4 Series, 5 Series, and 6 Series mixed domain oscilloscopes for online analysis and multi-scope analysis. Support for multi-scope analysis enables the use of multiple scopes simultaneously and the extension of the Tektronix series from 8 to 32 channels.

Analyze oscilloscope waveforms remotely from your laptop or PC

TekScope improves the analytical capabilities of older and less advanced oscilloscopes. Data from oscilloscopes like the DPO5000B or the TBS1000C bench oscilloscope can be loaded, and advanced operations like jitter analysis and serial decodes, e.g. Improved Inter-Integrated Circuit (I3C), can be performed. Connecting it to less-capable scopes provides more capability than the base instrument, making them ideal for entry-level homework or teaching and learning.

TekScope offers offline analysis of Tektronix, LeCroy, and Keysight waveform data, allowing team members to easily share data. Users simply share the files, and they can replay it on the oscilloscope UI as if it was just captured. The use of Tektronix's session files provides both the captured data and the oscilloscope's settings, allowing for the recreation of the test in TekScope. Users can manipulate the data as they need for improved analysis and insights.

TekScope is available with two licensing options. The free license is available with the TBS1000C and TBS2000B bench oscilloscopes, making it ideal for teaching and basic work-from-home scenarios. It supports common protocols for the frequencies available on bench scopes.  TekScope's special license for bench scopes supports remote connection and analysis packages for additional protocols like SPI, LIN, CAN-FD, I2C, and UART.

Powering collaborative workflows with Tektronix TekDrive

TekDrive is a cloud-based platform that provides a collaborative workspace for teams using oscilloscopes. It provides a cloud storage solution where team members can easily share data with each other.  TekDrive folders are mounted directly to the oscilloscope file system, so files are available as soon as they are shared. Multiple users can access the cloud locations simultaneously, allowing for quick collaboration similar to tools like Microsoft SharePoint or Google Drive. In addition, files on TekDrive can be analyzed in a browser using the included Waves software.

TekDrive supports real-time analysis, management, and sharing of data. It is highly secure and built with collaboration in mind. Data storage, management, security, and sharing are greatly simplified. It is an ideal platform for teams working from home.

Using TekDrive with your oscilloscope while working from home is simple. Start by clicking the File drop-down menu and selecting File Utilities. In the File Utilities menu, select Mount and click TekDrive. This brings up a window for a code to use to connect to the web version or a QR code for mobile use. The TekDrive folder is shown on the oscilloscope as a network drive once it is successful. It then operates like local storage.

Teams are increasingly made up of members in different locations and with diverse technical skills. Using oscilloscopes and tools built around them with collaboration in mind greatly eases remote work.