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How do I set up a CAN bus decode?

Question :

How do I set up a CAN bus decode?

Réponses :

Depending on the scope you have, the available options for decoding your CAN signal will depend on the compatibility. For all the DPO/MSO2000/3000/4000/5000 and MDO3000/4000 Series scopes, there are modules or license keys specifically designed for CAN bus decoding that can be purchased. Once you have obtained a CAN bus decoder module, simply insert it into the scope and power it on. To initiate the decoding process, ensure that your signal is displayed on the screen and then activate the Bus option. The key elements of the setup involve configuring the correct scope channels and threshold levels. At this point, your signal will begin to decode using the CAN bus decoder functionality. For further customization, select your desired bit rate. For a comprehensive demonstration of CAN decoding and triggering features on these scopes, we recommend watching the accompanying video, which covers all the essential features and functionalities related to CAN decoding and triggering. You can also refer to our CAN Bus Troubleshooting Guide for other tips and tricks.

On Windows XP, Windows 7 oscilloscopes there are BUS decodes and software options that can be found on the the scopes corresponding datasheet pages. 

If you have more questions please contact one of our Technical Support Centers and an Application Engineer will quickly answer your questions. 

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