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Can Microsoft Remote Desktop be used with Windows based oscilloscopes?


Can Microsoft Remote Desktop be used with Windows based oscilloscopes?


Yes, the Remote Desktop feature of the Professional Editions of Windows can be used on Tektronix DPO/MSO/CSA Series Oscilloscopes running Windows XP or later operating systems. In order to use the Remote Desktop feature of Windows, you will need to enable it in your Windows system properties.  The Remote Desktop feature is disabled by default for security reasons. Please consult your company’s IT department before you enable this feature.

The article from Microsoft at the following URL will instruct you on how to enable the Remote Desktop feature in Windows.


Please note that to connect to a computer with Remote Desktop, the account being used to connect must have a password associated with it. Remote Desktop will not let you connect if the account is not password protected. Please also note that only one instance of the TekScope software may be run at a given time. If a user is already logged into the scope and TekScope is running, you should only connect to the instrument with Remote Desktop using the account that is already logged in. Otherwise, you should log that user out before logging in with Remote Desktop.

Remote Desktop is not supported on TDS Series Windows based oscilloscopes or any Windows based oscilloscopes prior to Windows XP, due to the Tektronix proprietary technology to ensure optimal waveform update rate.

However we have tested Real VNC found that it does work on the scope and the waveform trace does show up on the host client.

Please see FAQ 4686 for information on setting up VNC on these scopes.

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