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On the TDS200 series how do you scroll through the record?

Question :

On the TDS200 series how do you scroll through the record?

Réponses :

Unlike many digital scopes, TDS200's do not have selectable record length and therefore, provide only quasi scroll capability. The record is fixed at 2500 points and in normal operation all 2500 points are displayed on screen (i.e. the viewing window). Moreover, the trigger position is fixed at 50%.

Depending on mode, the horizontal position control can act like a wide-range control and give the "effect" of scrolling the viewing window to display up to 90% pre-trigger (- position) and unlimited post-trigger (+ position).

For continuous acquisitions this is like scrolling through an unlimited amount of post-trigger information.

For stopped acquisitions it acts like a normal (narrow range) position control or a HORIZ MAG if the timebase is advanced to faster time/div settings. MAG is a display mode - not a data mode.

For single shot acquisitions, it's like deciding (in advance) how long after the trigger you want to start viewing (i.e. how much post-trigger), setting + position accordingly, firing the shot and having the display begin delay time after the trigger.

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