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KickStart High Resistivity APP FAQs

Question :

KickStart High Resistivity APP FAQs

Réponses :

What enhancements to the High Resistivity App were made for KickStart version 2.4? Why should I upgrade my high resistivity app to the latest version?

  • Fully supported software for updated versions of Windows
  • KickStart 1.9.8 only allowed for alternating polarity resistivity measurements. In KickStart 2.4, users can perform normal resistivity measurements without alternating polarity. This normal method complies with ASTM D257 standard as well as IEC-62631-3-1 standards
  • Have option to apply voltage and timing direct from ASTM D257 standard (note that voltage specified by IeC-62631-3-1 standard is different, but that user can configure that voltage setting within KickStart).
  • Includes ability to manually or automatically discharge sample after testing. Uses timing values recommended by ASTM D257 standard
  • Allows user to get measurements in units of resistivity with step response mode
  • Exposes 6517B’s meter-connect function in the software to reduce number of external connections user needs to make
  • Returns measurements while step response is running to give customer live updates
  • Simplified 1-page setting screen
  • Consolidates graph data onto one screen for simplified viewing
  • Simplified tabular data display so that users can focus on final resistivity measurement value
  • Takes advantage of many built-in KickStart 2.x features:
    i. Automatically saves all data to file and allows users to access in Run History
    ii. Allows users to easily compare measurements using Run History compare
    iii. Includes option to automatically export data to file

I currently have the KICKSTARTFL-HRMA license and want to upgrade to the new KickStart v2.4+. What license do I need to purchase?

You must purchase KICKSTARTFL-HRMA2-UP to use KickStart version 2.4+ with the existing KICKSTARTFL-HRMA. This maintenance license will extend the support date.

I do not have any current KickStart licenses. What should I purchase to use the High Resistivity App in KickStart?


What instruments does the High Resistivity App work with?

The High Resistivity App works only with the 6517B Electrometer.

There have been requests to support Model 6487 in the High Resistivity App. This is being considered for a future release.

I currently have a KICKSTARTFL-HRMA license. What happens if I download and install a current version of KickStart without purchasing an upgrade?

You will not be able to run tests with the High Resistivity App in KickStart v2.4+.

The High Resistivity app in the KickStart App Panel will have a red locked icon.

The License Manager will inform you that you need to purchase a KICKSTARTFL-HRMA2-UP license.

Can I use other measurement functions of the 6517B in the High Resistivity app?

No. However, KickStart version 2.4 also supports 6517B in the DMM app. You can use that app to measure voltage, current, resistance (with voltage bias) or coulombs with the 6517B. However, a KICKSTARTFL-SUITE, KICKSTARTFL-SUITE-AN, KICKSTARTFL-BASE, KICKSTARTFL-DMM, or KICKSTARTFL-DMM-AN license is required to run tests with the KickStart DMM app.

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