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PSPL5331 6 dB Power Divider, 18 GHz Datasheet

PSPL5331 Datasheet

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The PSPL5331 6 dB Power Divider is a very broadband, resistive tee. It is useful for splitting a signal into two identical signals or for combining two signals. The output is attenuated by 6 dB. These are impedance-matched tees that present a 50 Ω input impedance when both outputs are terminated in 50 Ω. Power Divider tees are built using three 16.7 Ω resistors and thus present a 50 Ω impedance at any port. The resistors in this tee have 1% tolerances and thus this tee has excellent symmetry and very close impedance match to 50 Ω. It has a rise time of 17 ps and bandwidth from DC to >18 GHz.

Typical performance

Frequency responses from 40 MHz to 20 GHz, linear sweep at 2 GHz/div



Parameter 1 Value
Rise time 17 ps
Insertion Loss Bandwidth (-3 dB) DC to 18 GHz
Insertion Loss, DC 6.0 dB ±0.05 dB maximum
Insertion Loss, AC 6.0 dB ± 0.5 dB maximum for f
Insertion Loss, Asymmetry 0.05 dB, maximum, DC
Phase Tracking
Delay 178 ps
Input Impedance, DC 50 Ω, ± 0.4 Ω maximum
S11 Return Loss See S11 plots for typical responses vs. frequency
Max Input Power, average 0.75 W
Power Temp Curve Full power-up to +70 °C, linearly derated to 0 W at +125 °C
Peak Power 50 W, t
Temperature Range -55 to +125 °C, operating and storage
Connectors SMA jacks (f)
Warranty One year
Mechanical dimensions


1 All parameters listed are typical unless max/min guaranteed limits are provided. The DC specs are based on resistor tolerances and only when used with 50 Ω source and terminations.

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Power Divider, 6 dB