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Supporting high-performance microelectronics throughout the product life-cycle

When it comes to managing and supporting high-performance, high-reliability microelectronics, Tektronix Component Solutions has the deep knowledge and breadth of experience across all the stages of component life-cycle to fully-manage your custom microelectronic solution. Our capabilities for custom components extend beyond design, assembly and test services to also include supply chain management, reliability testing and failure analysis services. Once a product has moved from development into production, our team's primary goal is to ensure supply stream consistency and the timely delivery of quality components.

Supply-Chain Management

From ensuring delivery of finished wafers through our relationships with a variety of foundries, to bill-of-materials (BOM) management, Tektronix Component Solutions offers complete supply-chain management services for custom microelectronic assemblies. Utilizing in-house ASIC and IC package design expertise, advanced lean manufacturing capabilities, comprehensive test services and supply-chain management, Tektronix Component Solutions can serve as the single point of contact for your next-generation components.

Reliability & Failure Analysis

As a supplier to the aerospace, military and medical markets, delivering high-reliability parts is a key requirement. Tektronix Component Solutions has extensive experience in the design and assembly of parts to meet the reliability needs of demanding applications. Additionally, we have developed the in-house expertise to perform industry standard reliability testing, evaluating parts with a variety of environmental and mechanical stress factors. For failure analysis, our lab offers a wide array of capabilities including, but not limited to, scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM), x-ray, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and elemental analysis. The Tektronix Component Solutions reliability team stands ready to evaluate new designs using one or more of the industry standard environmental testing methods.