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Precision and signal integrity in microelectronics from DC to light

As the microelectronic technology development group within Tektronix, we fully appreciate the capabilities that are required for industries that are consistently seeking to push beyond the performance curve.

To develop next-generation electronics, designers need advanced measurement tools today. Providing cutting-edge signal-integrity, performance, quality and reliability is key for test equipment suppliers looking to ensure their latest instruments and ATE systems are delivering reliable measurements to designers.

Advanced ASIC Design Capabilities

Providing the advanced components found inside Tektronix instrumentation, our organization has a disciplined and well-defined approach to ASIC design for signal acquisition, conditioning, conversion, processing and generation. To meet your needs for a custom IC, Tektronix Component Solutions can design the ASIC, manage the foundry and fabrication process, and complete the assembly and test of the part for your next-generation test system.

High-speed IC Package Platforms

To meet the high-speed packaging requirements of a variety of applications, including test equipment, Tektronix Component Solutions offers 40 GHz leadless chip carrier (LCC) and 15+ GHz Flip-Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) package platforms. The LCC platform is well suited to high bandwidth ASICs designed for wire bond configurations and pin counts of 64 pins or less. Alternatively, FCBGA packages are appropriate for higher pin count ASICs designed with flip chip interconnects in mind. Overall, the LCC and FCBGA platforms help overcome challenging signal integrity problems that occur at the high-frequencies of test equipment, while proving low thermal resistance.

Experienced Engineering Team

Tektronix Component Solutions has an experienced team of engineers that are experts in high-performance component development. Our engineering team can work as an extension of your product development group to ensure that you are getting the maximum performance out of the microelectronics in the development of your next-generation test system.