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Life science applications ranging from implantable devices to bio-analytical instruments demand high-performance and high-reliability microelectronics to support evolving patient needs. Development of advanced components for these applications frequently requires innovative engineering solutions to balance the requirements for improved performance in next-generation products with the need for small device profile in applications like implantables.

Tektronix Component Solutions custom microelectronics development capabilities are an ideal fit to support the requirements of life science applications. As a turnkey provider of IC packaging and hybrid development services, we provide the custom microelectronics design, assembly and test services to enable the performance of your next-generation life science system.

Substrate Design

As a part of our IC package design services, our team can select and design the appropriate substrate to meet the needs of your life science product. Coupled with our advanced wire-bonding and flip chip capabilities, we can develop a solution that maximizes the performance of your next-generation life science system. Our substrate design experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Glass-epoxy laminate (e.g., FR4, BT)
  • Thick-film ceramic (in-house fabrication capabilities)
  • Thin-film ceramic
  • High-temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC)
  • Low-temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC)
  • Beryllium Oxide (BeO)
  • Specialty Substrates

We also maintain close relationships with a variety of key substrate suppliers to understand emerging technologies and the benefits they can bring to your devices.

Wire-Bond Capabilities

Tektronix Component Solutions is an expert at precision wire-bonding, a dominant interconnect technology in life science applications due to its versatility, performance and reliability. We can support both multi-row and high-density interconnect requirements and utilize both gold and aluminum wire-bond materials. We support both ball stitch wire and wedge bonding. Additional information on our wire bonding capabilities can be found on our Interconnect Technologies page.

Wire-bonding can be accomplished on a variety of substrates, ranging from PCBs to multi-layer and thick-film ceramics, offering a flexible interconnect solution that can be applied to a variety of applications.

Lean Manufacturing

Our capabilities are bolstered by lean manufacturing practices and a commitment to continuous improvement principles. Using the Danaher Business System (DBS) – a comprehensive set of tools developed by Danaher Corporation (Tektronix’ parent company) to enable continuous improvement in quality, delivery, cost and innovation – Tektronix Component Solutions is able to limit manufacturing waste to reduce cost and eliminate activities that don’t add value to the end product.

Our manufacturing line consists of 18 lean cells that are constantly evaluated on key performance metrics. Each lean cell contains a visual management board that allows production leaders to quickly assess quality, delivery, inventory and productivity (QDIP) metrics in each cell and, if needed, pro-actively adjust the design and flow of the cell to improve performance.


For many life science and medical product developers, component traceability is a critical requirement. At Tektronix Component Solutions, we can trace parts to the individual lot and part number. This enables us to quickly assess the performance of a family of parts and ensure reliability before shipment to the customer. Should a part fail, we’re able to quickly evaluate test results for individual part numbers and, if needed, conduct further reliability and failure analysis to determine the root cause.