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Tektronix Component Solutions: Defense & Aerospace Applications

As a proven US-based, ITAR-registered supplier to a variety of defense programs and companies, Tektronix Component Solutions is an ideal partner for defense applications requiring low-volume, high-performance microelectronics. Offering services and products that include ASIC design, IC packaging and hybrids, RF and microwave component development, high-speed data converter modules and component test, Tektronix Component Solutions has the expertise and capabilities to meet your requirements for high-reliability microelectronics.

With more than 40 years of experience, Tektronix Component Solutions is the stable supplier that you can trust to deliver on long-term military programs.

Trusted, ITAR-Registered Supplier

Tektronix Component Solutions is a Category 1A Microelectronics Trusted Supplier for IC packaging/assembly and test services. The Category 1A certification, the highest designation awarded by the DOD, enables Tektronix Component Solutions to serve U.S. defense customers with classified program requirements. In addition, the accreditation also certifies that Tektronix Component Solutions meets stringent product control and security standards in providing trusted microelectronic services.

As an on-shore, ITAR-registered supplier, Tektronix Component Solutions has stringent standards in-place to protect and control sensitive information related to defense programs. With many years of experience supporting defense customers and programs, we recognize and adhere to the added level of responsibility in providing microelectronic engineering and manufacturing services to the military.

High-Performance Products and Services

Our military experience spans a variety of critical applications, including communications, avionics, radar, propulsion control, and guidance systems. As a strategic partner to Harris Corporation, Tektronix Component Solutions has supplied high-performance and high-reliability products to defense programs such as the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) with a focus on continual C-SWaP (cost, size, weight and power) improvements.

Tektronix Component Solutions’ capabilities and services are an ideal fit for the low-volume, high-performance needs of the defense industry. For example, our RF and microwave team has the expertise to create a variety of individual modules and IMAs, or develop a complete sub-system for applications like a front-end spectral receiver. In addition, we offer real-time streaming data converter modules for operational systems, providing sample rates above 12 GS/s thereby limiting the amount of front-end signal conditioning required prior to digital signal processing.

Having served military and commercial aerospace customers for many years, Tektronix Component Solutions has a deep understanding of the high-reliability requirements of those applications. As such, we fully utilize our unique strength in test to deliver fully-tested parts that have proven to operate successfully in harsh environments.