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Fluke/Tektronix Solutions Brochure

Fluke and Tektronix solutions for electronic design,manufacturing and service professionals

Professionals designing the next award winning electronic products or manufacturing100 % defect-free electronic modules constantly look for more performance out oftheir electronic design, troubleshooting and test equipment.

  • Embedded design engineer:
    Focus: Designing, building and testing concepts and prototypes
    What issues do you face?Solutions:
    - Analyzing and optimizing complex
    analog and digital signals
    - Serial and parallel bus design
    - Simulating real world signals
    - Minimizing cost and schedule,
    while maximizing performance
    - Precision digital multimeters
    - Handheld digital multimeters
    - Mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSO)
    - Signal sources
    - Thermal Imaging


  • Manufacturing test engineer:
    Focus: Designing and maintaining production test systems
    What issues do you face?Solutions:
    - Ensuring that manufactured products
    meet their design specifications
    - Circuit and sub-assembly testing
    and verification
    - Continuous improvement of
    production yield, throughput, and
    product reliability
    - Precision digital multimeters
    - Signal sources
    - General-purpose oscilloscopes
    - Digital phosphor oscilloscopes (DPO)