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SignalVu-PC Vector Signal Analysis Software - V4.3.0181

SignalVu-PC V4.3.0181 has ONLY been qualified for use with 6 Series and 6 Series B MSOs for base Vector Signal Analysis (CON), General Purpose Demodulation (SVM), Advanced Pulse Analysis Suite (SVP), Setting Time Measurements (SVT), WLAN (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/i/p/n/ac) Modulation Analysis (SV23, SV24, SV25), Flexible OFDM Analysis (SVO) and, introduced with this release, 5GNR Uplink/Downlink Measurements (5GNR) derived from specifications in 3GPP NR Release 16 including but not limited to Modulation Accuracy (EVM), ACP, CHP, and SEM measurements and displays. Other existing optional SignalVu-PC displays and application modules may be found to be functional when installed with the appropriate license, but have not been fully qualified and are not recommended for use with this release for 6 Series instruments. For qualified support on other instruments and optional application modules, refer to previous release versions or contact Tektronix to make a request to help prioritize future enhancements. SignalVu-PC VSA software V4.3.0181 brings the analysis engine of the Tektronix Real-Time Signal Analyzer (RTSA) to your computer, tablet, or Windows embedded oscilloscope, enabling you to analyze live signals from Tektronix 6 Series and 6 Series B MSOs, DPO70000SX Series Oscilloscopes (using SignalVu for Scopes - separate download available), as well as perform post-analysis and playback acquired waveforms and recordings from Tektronix real-time signal analyzers and oscilloscopes. SignalVu-PC requires a 64-bit Windows 7, 8, or 10 host PC. All 6 Series and 6 Series B MSO instruments - either Windows or Linux - may be remotely analyzed and controlled from a separate Windows PC with SignalVu-PC installed. Programmatic support is implemented for SignalVu-PC and TekVISA (included with installation) running on MSO6 and MSO6B scopes via GPIB9 and Socket server. Simply install SignalVu-PC using the link below. Detailed steps and requirements are available in the Installation Instructions.

Ce logiciel s’applique à : Oscilloscope à signaux mixtes MSO 64B, 66B, et 68B, Logiciel d’analyse de spectre pour signaux RF et vectoriels

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