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What are the tradeoffs if I add Option 02 to my AWG615+ AWG710+ or AWG710B?

Question :

What are the tradeoffs if I add Option 02 to my AWG615+ AWG710+ or AWG710B?

Réponses :

The option 02 version of the AWG615, AWG710 and AWG710B, hardwires the output of the Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) directly to the SMA connect of the front panel. The benefit of this is an increase in output bandwidth from the standard instrument's 875 MHz in Normal Mode and 1.25 GHz in Direct Out mode, to 2 GHz. The option 02 is also a zero cost option.

With the Option 02 instrument, you give up both the Normal and Direct Out modes. These modes are not available at all, due to the aforementioned hardwired connection bypassing the functional blocks between the DAC and the front panel connectors.

This means the output voltage range on an Option 02 instrument with a full scale waveform (using the full range of the DAC) is from 500 mV p-p to 1 V p-p. On the standard instrument, you have 20 mV p-p to 2 V p-p in Normal mode and 20 mV p-p to 1 V p-p in Direct Out mode. You also lose the Filters and Offset Amplifier that are available in the Normal Mode.

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