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On the TDS/CSA8000 series+ is the Network Access enabled? How do I enable network access?

Question :

On the TDS/CSA8000 series+ is the Network Access enabled? How do I enable network access?

Réponses :

On Windows 98 the following applies (this could still be used on Windows 2000 when needed):

You should only perform this procedure if you need the features or functions it enables.

You can connect the instrument to a network to enable printing, file sharing, internet access, and other communications functions. Before you make the connection, do the following steps to enable network access to the instrument:

  • Begin with the instrument power off.
  • Attach a keyboard and mouse to the instrument.
    Note: Some units, particularly the CSA8000 and TDS8000 with Win98 OS, will require a PS2 keyboard, to get into the BIOS, or Setup menu.
  • Power on the instrument.
  • As the instrument begins to boot, press the F2 key on the keyboard repeatedly until the message "Loading SETUP" appears.
  • In the BIOS Setup Utility use the right-arrow key on the keyboard to highlight the Advanced menu at the top of the screen.
  • Use the arrow down key to highlight Peripheral Configuration in the Advanced screen, and then press Enter.
  • Use the arrow down key to highlight LAN Device or "Embedded Ethernet Controller" in the Peripheral or "PCI" Configuration screen, and then press Enter.
  • Use the arrow up or down key to highlight Enabled and then press Enter.
  • Press the F10 key to save and exit. Confirm the Save of Configuration changes when you are prompted on screen.
  • Use the Windows network setup utility to define the instrument as a network client and configure it for your network. You can find the network setup utility in the Windows Start menu if you select Settings > Control Panel and then double click Network. You should consult your network administrator for specific instructions to make these settings.

NOTE. If you want to disable network access for the instrument, perform the above procedure except substitute Disabled for the selection listed in step 7. The instrument will boot faster with network access disabled.

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