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How To Use ArbExpress To Capture And Playback A Waveform

Question :

How To Use ArbExpress To Capture And Playback A Waveform

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This is a quick guide to capturing and playing back waveforms with ArbExpress. This guide assumes the following,

  • You have an AFG3000 series generator.
  • You have a Tektronix oscilloscope with USB connectivity.
  • You have a Windows XP PC without VISA and never attached a USB instrument to it.
  • You will use ArbExpress v2.4.
  • You will use TekVISA v3.3.2.


  • Install ArbExpress on your PC.
  • Install TekVISA on your PC. Reboot when prompted.
  • Without USB cables attached, power on instruments.
  • Connect USB cable to instruments first.
  • Connect the USB cable from AFG to your PC.
  • The Found New Hardware Wizard will start. Follow the prompts to automatically install the driver.
  • Connect the USB cable from oscilloscope to your PC.
  • The Found New Hardware Wizard will start again. Follow the prompts to automatically install the driver.
  • Launch OpenChoice Instrument Manager. Use the Identify... button to verify the connections. Proceed only if the instruments' ID string are returned correctly. Close OpenChoice Instrument Manager.
  • Launch ArbExpress.
  • Click on the Import from Scope button. This will show the Import from Scope window.
  • Select the oscilloscope from the Scope List and click the Connect button.
  • At the oscilloscope, configure the instrument to display the desired waveform for capture.
  • Return to the ArbExpress Import from Scopewindow. Select the desired channel* and click the Open in New Window button. Close theImport from Scope window.
  • The AFG's maximum sample length is 131,072 samples. Edit captured waveform as necessary and/or desired.
  • With the edited waveform selected, click the Send to Arb button**. Click Yes if prompted to connect now.
  • Select the target AFG and press the Connect button. Close the AWG/AFG File Transfer and Control window.
  • Click the Send to Arb button again to send waveform to channel 1.
  • Adjust the AFG's settings to properly scale the output for your application.


  • * ArbExpress v2.4 cannot capture digital channels of an MSO series oscilloscope.
  • ** When using the Send to Arb button, the waveform destination is edit memory for both channels. Edit memory is volatile and will be cleared if the instrument is powered off. If using a two channel AFG with two arbitrary waveforms, you will have to save one waveform to the internal memory or USB before sending the second waveform.
  • ArbExpress has a Scope Acquisition Wizard which offers additional features and you may find helpful but is beyond the scope of this FAQ.

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