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How do I set up a trigger and what resources and strategies are available for creating my own triggers?

Question :

How do I set up a trigger and what resources and strategies are available for creating my own triggers?

Réponses :

A large number of trigger resources are available that make it possible to trigger at just the right time and store just the right data. Setting up these resources can be challenging for a new user. To minimize this effort a feature called Easy Trigger was introduced with version 4.1 application software. Easy Trigger is a collection of canned trigger setups. For many applications these Easy Trigger setups are all that will ever be needed. They can also be modified for more complex applications.

Selecting the Easy Trigger tab in the Trigger window will access this helpful feature. You can then select a specific trigger from the list. Once an Easy Trigger selection is made you will notice a full description of it in the lower left hand corner and the right hand corner will show a timing diagram illustrating exactly where the trigger will occur.

To see the details behind a selected Easy Trigger setup, click on the adjacent Power Trigger tab. You will now see exactly how the Easy Trigger selection was created using the logic analyzer?s available resources. As you go over the program flow of the trigger setup you will get a better feel for how to create your own trigger setups. Easy Trigger setups can provide a framework upon which to build your own triggers.

TLA series logic analyzers using version 4.0 or below will not have the Easy Trigger feature but they still come with a large selection of canned setups. They are just in a Power Trigger format.

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