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How can I remote control the WVR6000/7000 series instruments from two different locations?

Question :

How can I remote control the WVR6000/7000 series instruments from two different locations?

Réponses :

The WVR6000/7000 series have a couple of different methods for remote control, each of which has different pros and cons:

Note : Simultaneous control by 2 or more users is only possible with method #2.

Method #1:Remote Front Panel: There is an accessory that you can buy (WVRRFP) which is an identical copy of the front panel controls from a WVR but with no instrument behind it. Instead, there is a cable that comes out of the remote panel and connects to a port on the back of another WVR. This front panel then overrides the main front panel on the instrument it's connected to and allows remote operation of that unit. For multiple users to control the same WVR, you would need to disconnect/connect the remote panel according to which user should have control of the unit and then reboot the instrument for the change to take effect. Constantly connecting/disconnecting the remote cable and rebooting the instrument may be somewhat cumbersome however; therefore option #2 may be a better choice for multiple users to control the WVR.

Option #2:Web User Interface: All WVR's have a remote web user interface. This allows the instrument to be controlled by anyone on the same Ethernet network as the WVR. This interface can be accessed by connecting a WVR to your network, accessing its IP address in a web browser like Internet Explorer, and clicking the "Launch Applet" link near the top of the WVR page. This remote interface runs within Java and provides a view of the WVR screen and a digital copy of the front panel. You can do anything from this interface that you can do from the instruments front panel. The only downside is that the Ethernet connection acts as a bottleneck and so the display cannot refresh much faster than once every ten seconds. The digital control panel however is instantaneous. Many customers have had success with controlling their WVR from the web interface but having a separate VGA monitor that is directly connected to the WVR for a real-time display. With a VGA splitter and sufficiently long VGA cables, you could provide this type of control to almost any number of users in your facility.

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