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ExceLINX: Why does ExceLINX or my IVI Driver Installation Hang at the 'Copying VISA Runtime' Dialog?

Question :

ExceLINX: Why does ExceLINX or my IVI Driver Installation Hang at the 'Copying VISA Runtime' Dialog?

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Product(s) :

Software: ExceLINX-1A, ExceLINX for PicoAmmeters/Electrometers

Integra Series: 2700, 2701, 2750

Low-Current/High-Resistance Meters: 6485, 6487, 6514


Question : While installing ExceLINX or the IVI driver for my instrument product, the installation appears to hang while displaying the dialog “Copying VISA Runtime”. What should I do to get installation to proceed?

Answer: In order to exit from the 'Copying VISA Runtime' stage, use the CTRL + ALT+ DEL key sequence to bring up the Task Manager. If you are in Windows NT, XP or 2000, click on the “Processes” tab and end the “visaru~1.exe” process. If you are in Windows 98, end the “visaru~1.exe” task. If this task does not appear, end the “setup.exe” task.

Check the following items to make sure that you are installing the software properly:

(1) ExceLINX or the IVI driver must be installed on the boot drive (normally C:) of your computer. NI-VISA Runtime requires that the install directory be on the boot drive of the operating system.

(2) If operating in Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 or Windows NT, the person that is logged in while installing the software must have administrator rights.

(3) If using Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 1 or higher should be applied. If using Windows 2000, Service Pack 3 or higher should be applied.

(4) There must be enough hard disk space on the machine so that compressed files may be extracted. As an overestimation, check to see that 30MB are available.

If you have verified all of the above items, then run the NI-VISA runtime separately, before installing the ExceLINX software. If you are installing from a CD, “Open” the CD (browse with file explorer) and locate the “VISA Runtime.exe” file in the “X:\ke2700\KeithleyIOlayer” directory where “X” is the letter that corresponds to the CD drive. If you are installing from a web site download, look into the directory into which the download was extracted. Open the “ke2700” folder and then the “KeithleyIOlayer” folder and run the “VISA Runtime.exe” file.

Should you continue encountering difficulty installing the software, please contact Keithley applications support at 440-498-3960 or toll-free 888-534-8453 (US) or your local Keithley office.



©Copyright 2003, Keithley Instruments, Inc.

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