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Nick's Story

When you were born to engineer



Nick's inquisitive mind and passion for understanding how things work began at an early age. Every gift he received was a chance to unravel the inner workings of an object, much to his mother's initial concern. She worried that he was destroying his presents on purpose. However, Nick had a genuine curiosity to discover the inner mechanisms of each item.

One day, his interest was piqued by a door alarm. Determined to understand its functioning, he started disassembling it. He sought to learn what was concealed inside those intriguing devices.

Nick had a bunk bed, and every time his mom changed the sheets, an array of parts, plastic, screws, and sometimes even glass would be found beneath them. Nick's grandfather observed his grandson's endeavors and saw potential in him. He believed Nick had the makings of an engineer.

Nick's journey took a significant turn when he met Phil, a fellow enthusiast in dismantling things. Together, they delved into the world of experimentation. They embarked on a project to rebuild a scope, using a printed circuit board they found online. It took them three months of Saturday sessions to complete their ambitious task.

The process was filled with excitement, and Nick couldn't wait to showcase their creation at school. As he carried the scope down the hallway, a mix of nervousness and anticipation filled him. To his delight, the scope worked seamlessly, impressing his friends and peers. Nick gladly explained its features, relishing the opportunity to share his passion with others.

Nick's aspirations reach far beyond the confines of a classroom project. Someday, he dreams of creating an electron gun capable of measuring the distance of stars. In Nick's eyes, there are no limits to what the future holds. An infinite list of possibilities lies ahead.

With each project he undertakes, Nick moves closer to realizing his dreams. He represents a new generation of thinkers, unafraid to push boundaries and pursue their passion for engineering and exploration. Tektronix celebrates young innovators like Nick, who ignite the spark of curiosity and inspire a brighter future filled with endless possibilities.