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Pick-up & Recycling order form

Professional Electrical & Electronic Equipment (EEE)

In case of any deviation from equipment data/quantity specified in this order form during pick up by the transport company, the transport person reserves the right to refuse the pickup of these appliances. If the pickup person takes the equipment specified here to the recycling centre and it does not meet condition described, your company accepts any additional costs inccured for (return) transport and/or recycling this equipment at a recycling centre.

Our Service company will contact you to set a pickup date and time.

Mandatory Pickup conditions:

Equipment shall be prepared and ready for pickup, on the ground floor, packed or on a pallet.

General company information

Please provide 2 contact persons (one main and one backup):

Main Contact person for pick up organization
Back up Contact person for pick up organization

Equipment to be collected

Product Name Brand Product ID/Serial number Quantity (units) Total Weight (kg)
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Next steps:

  1. Delete all personal data on the electrical or electronic equipment
  2. Remove used batteries and accumulators that are not included in WEEE, as well as lamps that can be removed from WEEE without damaging them.
  3. Pack and prepare the device(s) for collection.
  4. ATTENTION: If the packaging of the unit(s) is not possible due to the dimensions, please inform us under "Important notes".
  5. Someone will contact your regarding your request.