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One Philips Repair Program

Philips Site/FSE

To initiate the repair process:

Response to Repair Request Form or email

  • Philips repair management supplier Tektronix will manage the repair by contacting either the OEM or other approved repair suppliers and obtain an RMA, push the process, and update the calibration database.
  • Customer will receive an email within one working day asking them to ship the instrument directly to the designated supplier for repair using an included packing list.
  • All notes will be emailed and recorded in the Tektronix CalWeb database, such as the supplier name, RMA number, and the estimated completion date.

Daily/Weekly Management of Repairs

  • Supplier will be pushed to meet schedule, estimated completion and shipment date for on time delivery.
  • Provide continuous update of estimated delivery date and status notes.
  • All updates will be emailed directly to the user and visible in the Tektronix CalWeb database.

Return Repaired Instrument Directly to Customer

  • Repair supplier will ship the instrument directly back to the customer, in service and ready for use.
  • Supplier will be directed to send repair information and certification directly to Tektronix.
  • Documentation and certification will be QC’d to ensure it meets Philips calibration requirements.
  • Calibration database will be updated and supplier calibration certificate will be scanned into CalWeb.
  • Trigger of OOT (Out of Tolerance) notification generated as needed.

Management Highlights

Key Benefits

  • If you currently ship repair items to a Tektronix calibration facility, significant cost savings on shipping and handling by eliminating two ship sets (four down to two).
  • Much faster repair turnaround time. Faster turnaround times are obtained from quickly obtaining an RMA, not having to wait for repair approval, reducing the number of shipping events, and utilizing proactive asset management tools and direct return shipping to the customer.
  • No need to generate shipping documents, Philips management repair vendor Gore Labs will generate and supply a packing list for all shipments.
  • Proactive approach in managing instrument repair turnaround times.
  • Continuously updated via email and detailed instrument repair status available via CalWeb.