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TekAMS - Tektronix Asset Management System

TekAMS - Tektronix Asset Management System is currently an application available by invitation only, or through purchase of certain software licenses. Additional information on TekAMS can be found here.

If your company has already purchased the floating or node locked licenses, a current License Key Manager at your company can invite you to the application. They should click on the "Invite Other License Users" link on the License Key Users tab in the application to start the process. They will enter your email address and then choose a role - License Key Managers can use licenses and invite other users to the app, license key users can only use the licenses.

If you are interested in the SignalVu-PC software, go here: - that's where you can get the software and on the Additional Options link you can get access to the free 30-Day trial licenses.

Many other licenses are also available on a 30-Day trial - Select from available licenses here: /slam/catalog/trials

If you believe you are authorized to access TekAMS, you can login here: NOTE: this link will require you to be a registered user on If you need further assistance, please contact your local support team.