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MDO3000 Spectrum Analyzer vs. Oscilloscope FFT Comparison Fact Sheet

Mixed Domain Oscilloscope
Key Specifications

MDO4000C Capabilities Not Available on Keysight N9322C

  • 4 analog channels and 16 digital channels
  • Function generator and DVM
  • Serial / Parallel bus decode
  • Capture bandwidth wide enough for modern RF signals
  • Time-correlated views of analog, digital, serial / parallel buses and RF signals for complete system visibility. RF signals include:
    • Spectrum shown in Frequency Domain
    • Amplitude, Frequency, and Phase vs. Time traces shown in Time Domain
Key Specifications
Correlating RF to other system signals
The most common application is making timing measurements from control logic (often serial or parallel bus commands) to when the RF output changes take effect.
Key Specifications
Exceptionally Wide Capture Bandwidth With 3 GHz of capture bandwidth and long RF acquisition times, the MDO is the ultimate product for debugging modern wideband, time varying RF signals.
Key Specifications Key Specifications Key Specifications
Time Domain OnlyFrequency Domain OnlyBoth Domains at Once

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