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Fast+ Efficient Solutions for DVI Conformance Measurement Challenges


Tektronix Supports DVI Conformance Testing with TDSDVI Expert Application software

If you've got a DVI product in the works, you need tools and processes for conformance testing right now. Testing to today's DVI specifications ensures quality and interoperability in products using DVI, but it presents challenges as well:

  • Some DVI test procedures are complex and not well understood
  • Human intervention and subjective analysis make it difficult to achieve repeatable results
  • Manual test procedures are prone to error and inconsistency
  • Test times are unacceptably long when "traditional" or manual test methods are used

Tektronix provides all the DVI measurement solutions you need, ranging from high-bandwidth digital phosphor oscilloscopes (DPO) to probes to application-specific software. Tektronix has solved tough measurement problems like jitter and eye diagram tests to assemble a DVI solution that automates and simplifies your work.

Tektronix DVI Conformance Test Solutions

TDS7404B and CSA7404B DPOs are the preferred measurement platforms for DVI design and compliance work. They deliver unique advantages for DVI measurements.

  • 4 GHz bandwidth at 20 GHz sample rate, four channels
  • Ultra—low rise time (100 ps or less) supports accurate jitter and signal rise/fall measurements
  • Unmatched waveform capture rate (up to 400,000 waveforms per second) speeds eye diagram construction
  • TDSDVI Digital Visual Interface Conformance Test Software package automates key measurements and analysis steps
  • TDSJIT3 Jitter Analysis Software package simplifies complex statistical analysis
  • P7350, P7330, and P6330 High-bandwidth Differential Probes ensure low loading (< .3 pf with the P7350) on critical signals, and use just one oscilloscope channel
  • P7240 probe matches DPO bandwidth, minimizes loading on single-ended signals
  • Tektronix sampling oscilloscopes, TDR modules, data generators, and arbitrary waveform generators round out the DVI design solution

An Automated DVI Measurement Toolset

TDSDVI brinps its own expertise to DVI conformance testing with a TDS Series DPO.

  • TDSDVI encompasses knowledge of DVI standards, and mask templates for objective analysis of accurately measured data
  • Automated tests get fast, repeatable results on skew measurements, rise/fall times, Tbit parameters, and more

A Million Acquisitions in the Blink of an Eye

The DVI Test and Measurement Guide recommends 1 million acquisitions to build a DVI eye diagram. DPO technology cuts test time to a minimum.

  • TDS7404B and CSA7404B DPOs, with their waveform capture rate of 400,000 waveforms per second, can accumulate 1 million acquisitions in just a few seconds.
  • The DPO's capture rate maximizes the acquisition of transient events

Jitter Tests Made Easy

  • TDSJIT3 Jitter Analysis Software package executes complex measurements quickly and provides detailed reports on random and deterministic jitter characteristics
  • TDSJIT3 is an expert package that automates both acquisition and analysis

Probing is a Partner in DVI Compliance Tests

  • Low loading and high bandwidth ensure that rise times, amplitudes, and eye diagram characteristics reach the oscilloscope intact
  • A full range of attachment methods makes it easy to connect to fixturing