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Automotive Ethernet Test Solution

1000BASE-T1/100BASE-T1 (Opt. 6-CMAUTOEN/5-CMAUTOEN) Datasheet

1000BASE-T1/100BASE-T1 (Opt. 6-CMAUTOEN/5-CMAUTOEN) Datasheet



Key features

  • Test Time: Fully automated with setup wizard, to perform compliance testing as per the Automotive Ethernet 1000BASE-T1 (802.3bpTM) and 100BASE-T1 (802.3bwTM) standards. The software automatically configures equipments as per test requirement which reduces overall test time.
  • Test Coverage: Automotive Ethernet solution for 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 is designed as per IEEE and Open Alliance specification. The Test coverage is as per OPEN Alliance TC8 ECU test.
  • Validation and Debug: Supporting tools, such as advanced jitter analysis, help to catch problems before compliance testing, or in the event of a failure.
  • Signal Qualification: In addition to compliance testing, automated tests and advanced jitter analysis tools are provided for testing your DUT under different environmental conditions.
  • Comprehensive Report: Automated reporting with Pass/Fail screenshot of the waveform.
  • Measurement Accuracy: The 5/6 Series MSO oscilloscope provides accurate and repeatable results with a 12-bit vertical resolution at the sampling rate of 3.125 Gs/s (5 Series MSO) and 12.5 Gs/s (6 Series MSO).
  • Return Loss Measurements: The 100/1000BASE-T1 specification defines Return Loss measurement that requires a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). A patented measurement approach in the Tektronix Automotive Ethernet Test Solution software allows the designer to perform return loss measurement using an oscilloscope, reducing the need for additional test equipment.
  • ECU Clock Access: The Distortion test requires to access ECU clock which is not possible most of the time. Tektronix unique algorithm software correction method (patent pending) allows user to perform Distortion measurement without connecting clock from ECU. This method is available for 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1.
  • Performance Verification: Automotive Ethernet application allows user to run Selected test for multiple times. The report shows pass/fail result of each run to study ECU performance over different run.

Automated Automotive Ethernet compliance testing

Physical layer compliance tests have been defined to ensure interoperability between different designs and hardware vendors. These requirements to perform these tests have been expanded and now cover Automotive Ethernet 1000BASE-T1 (802.3bpTM) and 100BASE-T1 (802.3bwTM). For electrical signaling, there are specific tests defined for the Physical Media Attachment (PMA), and as part of Group 1, focuses primarily on the transmitter. The 1000BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet testing requires an oscilloscope with a minimum of 2 GHz bandwidth.

Supported tests for 1000BASE-T1
Test Items Test Name Test Mode Instrument  Transmitter Output Droop 2 GHz oscilloscope  Transmitter Distortion 2 GHz oscilloscope and AWG  Transmitter Timing Jitter (Master/Slave) 2 GHz oscilloscope  Transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD) 2 GHz oscilloscope  Transmitter Clock Frequency 2 GHz oscilloscope  Peak Differential Output 2 GHz oscilloscope  MDI Return Loss slave 2 GHz oscilloscope and AWG or Tektronix VNA  MDI Jitter 2 GHz oscilloscope
Supported tests for 100BASE-T1
Test ID Test Name Test Mode Instrument
5.1.1  Transmitter Output Droop 1 GHz oscilloscope
5.1.2  Transmitter Distortion 1 GHz oscilloscope and AWG/AFG
5.1.3  Transmitter Timing Jitter 1 GHz oscilloscope
5.1.4  Transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD) 1 GHz oscilloscope
5.1.5  Transmitter Clock Frequency 1 GHz oscilloscope
5.1.6  MDI Return Loss slave 1 GHz oscilloscope and AWG or Tektronix VNA
5.1.6  Peak Differential Output 1 GHz oscilloscope


The Tektronix Automotive Ethernet test solution provides automated compliance testing for 100BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bwTM) and 1000BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bpTM) requirements. The automated compliance solution includes test software that runs on a 1 GHz or greater Windows 10 OS Tektronix oscilloscope to perform all physical layer (PHY) transmitter compliance tests.

The compliance software allows for complete or selective testing of any of the transmitter electrical specifications, including complete oscilloscope control of the required setups. Software setup flexibility allows you to perform design validation, margin analysis, and repeatable compliance testing while reducing instrument setup difficulties. Additionally, the software can generate a comprehensive date-stamped test report with pass/fail results, and display waveforms and data plots.


Ordering information

Measurement names and hardware
Measurements Required hardware
Transmitter output droop
Transmitter timing Jitter
Transmitter clock frequency
MDI Jitter
Differential Output
Transmitter power spectral density
5/6 Series MSO with one probe
Transmitter distortion AFG3152C or AWG5200
Return Loss 100BASE-T1: AFG3152C and two probes or TTR503
1000BASE-T1: AWG5200 and two probes or TTR503
Required software

Option 5-CMAUTOEN/6-CMAUTOEN or SUP5-CMAUTOEN/SUP6-CMAUTOEN (TekExpress Automotive Ethernet compliance)

Required hardware

1000BASE-T1 5 Series MSO oscilloscope (2 GHz option 5-BW-2000) or 6 Series MSO oscilloscope with minimum bandwidth of 2 GHz (Option 6-BW-2500, 6-BW-4000, 6-BW-6000, 6-BW-8000)

100BASE-T1 5 Series MSO oscilloscope (1 GHz option 5-BW-1000 or 2 GHz option 5-BW-2000) or 6 Series MSO oscilloscope with minimum bandwidth of 1 GHz (Option 6-BW-1000, 6-BW-2500, 6-BW-4000, 6-BW-6000, 6-BW-8000)

Option 5-WIN/6-WIN or SUP5-WIN/SUP6-WIN (removable SSD with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system)

Recommended options

Option 5-DJA/6-DJA or SUP5-DJA/SUP6-DJA (adds Advanced Jitter and Eye Analysis measurements)

Option 5-RL-125M/6-RL-125M or SUP5-RL-125M/SUP6-RL-125M (adds 125 M record length)

Option 5-SRAUTO/6-SRAUTO or SUP5-SRAUTO/SUP6-SRAUTO (adds CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay serial bus trigger and decode)

Option 5-SRAUTOSEN/6-SRAUTOSEN or SUP5-SRAUTOSEN/SUP6-SRAUTOSEN for SENT Protocol trigger and decoder

Option 5-SREMBD/6-SREMBD or SUP5-SREMBD/SUP6-SREMBD (adds I2C, SPI serial bus trigger and decode)

Recommended (two required): 1000BASE-T1 TDP3500 differential probes and 100BASE-T1 TDP1500 or TDP3500 differential probes

Supported: TDP7704/7706/7708 probe with P77C292MM adapter (not supported for Return loss and Distortion test), P6247 or P6248 (requires use of TPA-BNC adapter)

Signal sources (AWG)

Recommended: Tektronix AFG3152C signal source

Supported: Tektronix AWG5200 with high amplitude DC coupled output option or AWG70000 signal source (for 1000BASE-T1 Return Loss measurement)

Recommended test fixtures

TF-XGbT Test Fixture

TF-BRR-CFD clock frequency divider (Required for Hardware clock for Distortion measurement)

Recommended extras

External PC monitor

Two pairs of 50 Ω high-quality SMA or coaxial cables (four cables total) for use with AFG or AWG signal sources; all cables must be the same length

Two 50 Ω high-quality coaxial cables for use with clock divider outputs; both cables must be of the same length

One 50 Ω high-quality SMA cable for the clock divider input

One 50 Ω high-quality coaxial cable for the AFG or AWG signal source, for marker output