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Tektronix Component Solutions: IC Package Test

As a complement to our assembly capabilities, Tektronix Component Solutions offers wafer test and full IC package test services. Since our inception, IC package test has been an integral part of the support we provide Tektronix and our capabilities in this area remain a core competency that leverages experienced personnel and capable equipment. From wafer test to in-line and final test, we have the IC package test solutions to verify components and modules are operating at required performance levels.

In the case of turn-key IC package or hybrid development projects, our test development team works closely with our designers to optimize the design of each package for testability. By designing for testability, we are better able to validate the performance of assembled devices before delivery.

IC Package Test

We offer analog, digital and mixed-signal test services to validate the performance of a wide variety of parts. With time and frequency domain measurements from DC to > 50 GHz and swept frequency measurements up to 110 GHz, our high-speed test capabilities are ideal for parts destined for high-performance defense, communications and medical applications.

The test of custom, high-performance parts often goes beyond just the ability to electrically verify operation and includes additional test restrictions (e.g., zero ambient light). Our ability and willingness to develop custom test systems and fixtures to support strict test requirements sets us apart in the assembly and test services industry.

Wafer Test & Laser-Trimming

In addition to our high-speed semiconductor assembly and test services, we also offer high-speed wafter test services. We can test 6- to 12-inch wafers at speeds of up to 33 GHz and temperatures from 15° C to 200° C, while controlling contact resistance and aligning to bumps with 1.5 micrometers of positional accuracy.

We also offer active and passive laser trimming services to optimize the operating parameters of your parts. With our test fixture design and laser trim expertise, we can help ensure that the electrical performance of your parts is operationally accurate. We utilize the following types of lasers:

  • IR - 1064nm (for trim on ceramic, glass, sapphire, quartz substrates)
  • UV - 355nm (for trim on organic/laminate substrates)

Case Study - Custom Test Solution

  • Component: multi-chip module
  • Application: medical imaging
  • Annual volume: ~80,000 parts in 2010
  • Objective: Improve an existing (decade-old) test system and supporting fixtures to reduce test time and improve yield
  • Results:
    • Redesigned custom test fixture
    • Refreshed hardware and software systems
    • Improved automated troubleshooting data reports and Guardbands from Inline Test to Final test
    • Reduced time-per-test by ~66%
    • New mechanical fixture design resulted in zero support calls due to broken PCB traces, pins, hardware after 1 year in manufacturing