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Tektronix Introduces Industry-first PCI EXPRESS® 6.0 Base Transmitter Solution

Only weeks after the release of the PCI Express® (PCIe®) 6.0 Base specifications and validation requirements by PCI-SIG®, the consortium that owns and manages PCI specifications as open industry standards, the global test & measurement leader Tektronix is introducing the industry’s first PCIe Generation 6.0 transmitter test solution based on the latest specs, available worldwide for use with DPO70000SX ATI Performance Oscilloscopes.

Key advancements in the PCIe 6.0 standard include a doubling of bandwidth and power efficiency over the previous version, with the raw data rate increasing from 32 Gigatransfers per second (GT/s) with 5.0 to 64 GT/s with 6.0.

Tektronix PCIe Gen6 Transmitter Test Solution


“Tektronix’ PCIe 6.0 solution came to market quickly because of the company’s deep involvement in the PCI-SIG working group, where it helped define the standard’s measurement methodologies,” said David Bouse, principal technology lead at Tektronix.

Tektronix also internally developed a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) tool which measures Signal to Noise Distortion Ratio (SNDR) and uncorrelated jitter, speeding up the development process. Many of the measurements are unique or customized to PCIe and require special compensation techniques as the standard increases its sensitivity to noise and jitter in its 6th generation.

Additionally, for the first time PCIe 6.0 features PAM4 multi-level signaling and FLIT Mode along with a low latency version of Lightweight Forward Error Correct (FEC) and Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) to mitigate the bit error rate increase associated with PAM4 signaling and achieve a line rate of 64 GT/s.

Learn more about PCI Express Gen 6.0 by watching this webinar.