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I Am an Engineer Because

Engineering Week
Since 1951, the engineering community has been celebrating National Engineers Week to celebrate the profession, raise awareness of engineering, and help ensure a diverse and well-educated future workforce. At Tektronix, this week is an opportunity to celebrate our engineers here, everywhere, and in every industry.
This year, we wanted to ask you – the engineers – to tell us what makes you passionate about what you do. We didn’t know what to expect when we put the prompt out there – I am an engineer because… But what we learned blew us away. 

National Engineers Week quote. Engineers want to improve everything.

We learned that for engineers, it is about more than being good at math or being exceptionally smart. The engineers we heard from told us they want to solve problems. Engineers want to understand how the things in the world work and they want to improve everything

 National Engineers Week quote. Engineers have determination.  
Many of you took some things apart as kids and weren’t able to put them back together. But you had the determination and passion to try again and again.
National Engineers Week quote. Engineers have been inspired to start by many things.
There were several of you who were inspired by Star Trek, and a few who might have stumbled into the wrong classroom, but the majority of engineers who responded to our prompt are passionately engaged in moving the world forward one innovation at a time. 
National Engineers Week quote. Engineers are relentlessly curious, deeply determined problem solvers.
Engineers are relentlessly curious, deeply determined problem solvers. Thank you for sharing your hearts with us. We are honored to celebrate you this week.

We also turned these responses into a short video we hope embodies the heart of engineers.