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Ensure precise measurements at 25 Gb/s and beyond with proper instrumentation, components

By Chris Loberg

Emerging standards such as 100G Ethernet, 32G Fibre Channel, EDR InfiniBand, and OIF CEI all require multiple lanes of traffic at greater than 25 Gb/s per lane. These standards all outline stringent test specifications for high-performance pulse-transient responses, resulting in complex test challenges for new designs addressing these applications.

The trend of increasing bandwidth over multiple lanes of traffic is expected to continue as standards advance to 400 Gb/s and 1 Tb/s. Tektronix is ready to support these test challenges with performance instruments and high speed components designed to provide best-in-class broadband frequency coverage and signal integrity.

Tektronix high speed test solutions outperform narrow-band alternatives that were originally designed for RF applications and later adapted to accommodate these emerging standards. This is because our components were designed by Picosecond Pulse Labs with an emphasis on serial data test and for use in measurement engineering labs.


Picosecond Pulse Labs components such as these were designed with an emphasis on high-speed serial data test.

These components also provide the needed bandwidth and performance to continue supporting your test needs as data rates keep increasing. The Tektronix high-performance PatternPro multichannel BERT systems and DSA8300 oscilloscopes, coupled with Tek’s line of broadband components, provide engineers with all the tools necessary to perform comprehensive standards compliance testing and product characterization from 4 to 40 Gb/s per lane. 

The message is clear: if testing the latest (and future) high-speed standards is on your agenda, Tektronix is your first and last stop.