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Rick Kuhlman's blog


A group of children learning about engineering
Girl Scouts, Robots, and Dance Mode Thursday, May 18, 2023
“Getting kids - especially girls - interested in STEM is highly important to me and the engineering community broadly.” Rick Khulman, GM Portfolio Software Over the last six weeks, I’ve had the pleasure to teach my daughter’s Girl Scout troop about robots with the help of Tektronix and Boston Dynamics. Getting kids - especially girls - interested in STEM is highly important to me and the …
Oscilloscope cloud software integration with TekDrive
New TekDrive Python SDK Allows for Seamless Integration into Your Workflow Thursday, August 19, 2021
Getting data off your oscilloscope and into the hands of a colleague or a processing program can be a hassle — and that is exactly the problem that TekDrive solves. TekDrive allows effortless collaboration by transferring, storing, organizing, managing and sharing data and files. And now doing all of that is even easier thanks to the new Python SDK! The TekDrive API allows you to perform multiple …
TekDrive Collaborative Test and Measurement Workspace
What is TekDrive and What Can You Do with It? Monday, August 2, 2021
  TekDrive is a collaborative test and measurement data workspace that allows users to upload, store, search, download, organize, and share any files from any connected device. TekDrive makes your test, measurement, and engineering data accessible to you, your team, and your partners, instantly and securely. It is a central location where you can keep all your and your team's data, easily …
TekDrive collaborate across the globe
TekDrive - How to Share Oscilloscope Data Thursday, February 25, 2021
Consider a scenario where three engineers are collaborating from different teams across the globe to characterize and debug an intermittent current spike discovered during validation testing. How much time would they spend in data sharing, inspection, and analysis? Would each engineer be able to explore the data? Would they use screenshots and email, because it’s too cumbersome to utilize the …
working from home
Working from Home Tuesday, March 31, 2020
11 Tips for Staying Productive When Your Entire Workflow is Upended For millions, pajama pants just became your new work clothes and the dining room your new conference room. If you are like me, social distancing comes naturally, but advancing my work from home in separation from my team gets tricky. In these trying times, we're also reminded what “essential” really means for our community. Tami …