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Power Efficiency Series

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Practical Magnetic Measurements in Switch Mode Power Supplies

In this webinar, you will learn to:
  • Identify and overcome measurement challenges on selecting and qualifying the right magnetic components (inductors/transformers)
  • Reliably measure magnetized current and magnetic power loss with B-H curve, inductance plots. Determine overall system impact and considerations
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High-Accuracy Power Measurement Techniques for AC DC Power Converters

In this Webinar, we will dive into new efficiency testing requirements based on international regulatory standards, test challenges, common pitfalls and the latest test solutions. These principles are valid for all power testing and not just regulatory standards testing. Watch Now

New Technologies for Probing High Performance, Low Power Circuits

As designs for mobile devices and computers use lower power circuits in their design, validation testing and debug become more challenging. Board and component density increase leaving little space for probing. In addition, loading from oscilloscope probes can become a critical issue impacting system operation. Lastly, low power devices transmit low amplitude signals making the low noise performance of the probe and oscilloscope very important. If you are a Silicon Validation Engineer or Hardware Engineer testing components and systems, this webinar will help you identify the challenges of probing low power components and help you approach your testing more successfully. Watch Now

Fundamentals of Testing Power Conversion Efficiency

Learn techniques to accurately measure conversion efficiency and other performance parameters using a precision power analyzer. Real-life test devices will be used including a motor drive, inverter and a power supply to highlight test methods across various applications. Watch Now

Determining Power Consumption and Battery Life in Low Power, Portable IoT Devices


The growth of objects connected to the internet is expected to exceed 30 billion devices by 2020 and continue to have double-digit growth rates. Many of these devices will be wearable devices, portable medical devices, and battery-operated industrial sensor/transmitters. For these devices, maximizing battery life is essential.

To meet the design requirements for battery life, the designer needs to be able to determine the total power consumption that the device is drawing. The designer needs to measure the load current in all the operating states of the device. That includes the very low currents, such as microamps when the device is in its sleep mode states as well as currents which can be in the amps range when the device is in its active, operating modes. Furthermore the load currents are short bursts that can last for only 10's of microseconds when the device is transmitting data. Thus both high sensitivity and speed are needed to capture all the power the device consumes in all its operating states. In addition, the characteristics of the battery impact the performance of the device, particularly near the end of the battery's life or discharge cycle. One way to account for the characteristics of the battery is to simulate the battery so that testing of the device is performed under the most realistic conditions.

This webinar will present options for:
  • Measuring power consumption
  • Simulating a battery
  • Creating a model of a battery 4. Provide an optimum solution for assessing battery life
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How to Design Longer Battery Life in Mobile Computing Device


This Tektronix Webinar discusses current monitoring over time to assess a semiconductor system's power performance with an emphasis on higher accuracy. In this 35 minute instructional webinar, engineers can learn how to validate a semiconductor's ability to preserve as much battery life as possible when placed in mobile computing devices. Watch Now

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